Creative Ways to Discourage Crows

Posted on June 17th, 2016

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

We have a reoccurring problem each summer with crows. They seem to multiply with the warmer weather and as we have been basking in glorious  sunshine this summer so their numbers have swelled. It would appear we are quite unwittingly providing a nutritious diet for them courtesy of our lovely farm eggs. Each day we go searching for eggs for breakfast with the holiday guests, only to find many have already been devoured by crows with the shells scattered over the farm. Last year we addressed the problem with a lovely big scarecrow, which helped for a while until the crows wised up. It was time to get our own back once again on the thieving crows. 

Scaring off the crows with beer cans and sticks 

Half term brings a mix of younger and older children to the farm and I was keen to find something that everyone could join in with. Fending off the crows felt like a perfect mission. I had been waiting to make my beer can flowers with a group of older children and this was my chance. Apparently crows are scared off by intimidating eyes. By making tin cans to look like a pair of eyes we could win the war of the eggs.

Creative Ways to discourage crows on the farm

 Each of the children worked on an eye each and the idea was that we would plant them in twos on long sticks in the chicken field to look like eyes. For the younger children we made stick scarecrows with colourful tunics as I didn’t want them cutting themselves on the cans. The children wasted no time scouring the fairy gardens for sticks and beginning their challenge.


Making scarecrows to discourage crows at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


A last visit to chicken world was seen as a bonus and they proudly strode off waving their tin can eyes.


Taking scarecrows and eyes to the chicken field to discourage the crows at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


Despite having a hammer with us, the ground was very firm after weeks of no rain and we had to raid Farmer Nick’s shed for a metal pole to bash a hole into the ground for our eye sticks and scarecrows. However the finished effect was suitably scary.


Planting our scarecrows to keep the crows away


While we were there we gave Queenie, Jack and Jill their evening bottles and the children took the opportunity of a last egg hunt and chance to cuddle a chicken. 


Feeding and petting animals at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Something pretty to keep 

Back at base we made the remaining half of the can into tea light holders for the children to take home. I helped the younger children to fold theirs into shape as they are quite tricky to get right. for a tutorial on how to make these see my Trash 2 Treasure post.


Making Tea light holders at Coombe Mill Family arm Holidays


After working so hard we made good work medals. It was lovely to see the designs and wording they came up with teamed with their choice of wool necklace.


Keepsake Good work medals from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


It had been a wonderful sunny week on the farm and some great friendships had been formed. Thankfully with most rebooking, these childhood bonds will have a chance to mature again next year.  I have explained to the parents that returning is conditional on bringing the sunshine again!


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