From Dirty Laundry to Boot Room Chats

Posted on June 26th, 2016

No more airing your dirty laundry in public!  

Long ago our new boot room was a laundry room and a hive of activity here on the farm. A meeting point for parents as washing machines whirled and tumble driers spun at the end of a day on the farm. However the room has looked very sad and unloved for the past 12 months since we decommissioned all our remaining riverside lodges. The cottages and Scandinavian lodges all have their own washing machines and tumble driers which much more convenient for our guests than carrying washing out to an onsite laundry.

Old Laundry Room before renovation work at coombe Mill self Catering Holidays

Pondering a new use for the laundry

It has taken us a long time to work out how best to use the space. It was always going to be a big job to make all the electrics safe in the room after the machines were removed, but as the log cabin stands in a prime spot in the middle of the Coombe Mill estate we were keen to come up with a new use that would be beneficial to our holiday guests.

  1. We considered a games room, but found a better space for this
  2. We thought of moving our storage room here to make it more convenient for our cleaners, but decided the steps weren’t ideal with heavy Henry Hoovers and log baskets.
  3. Finally we agreed the area currently most cramped was the borrow room. This space was impossible to keep tidy with everything from welly boots to dressing up clothes fighting for space.

The old cluttered borrow room at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


The games, toys and dressing up clothes all moved over to a spare corner of the new Games Room. Now you can see the books clearly and collect a game without them all toppling down on you.

New Games room with games and toys to borrow at Coombe Mill Family Self Catering Holidays. Cornwall

DIY SOS to create a boot room

Farmer Nick took professional help in making all the electrics in the new boot room safe before getting the family team involved in painting, cleaning and re-flooring.

Cleaning and painting the old laundry room at Coombe Mill

With a clean fresh room we began to plan our displays. I was keen to hang the wetsuits rather than have them all jumbled in a bucket and create a hanging wall rather like in the utility room of Tree Roots Cottage for farm overalls. There was also the question of what to do with wet items.

Nick used old sections of roof from the play barn which he cut to size, glossed, hung with pegs for the overalls.

Creating overall hanging space in the New Boot Room at Coombe Mill Family self Catering Holidays. Cornwall

For wet items he plumbed in an old shower tray with one of the roof panel boards above and attached a hanging rail. This made a perfect place for wet wetsuits to hang or farm overalls to dry. With a tap right outside our vision was taking shape.

Wet Suits to borrow from the Coombe Mill Boot Room

Finally with all the remaining items carried over I wasn’t happy with the clutter still in buckets on the floor. Nick put up shelves for me for the wellington boots. Now it was possible to clearly see sizes and pairs just at a glance.

Wellies to borrow from the boot Room at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Badminton rackets and cricket / rounders sets were hung on more pegs along with baby carriers.

Cricket, Baby Carriers and Badminton to borrow from the Boot Room at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Finally we removed the old Laundry sign and added a shiny new one so everyone would know what was inside.

From Laundry Room to Boot Room at Coombe Mill Holidays

Our boot room makeover complete

At last we have a boot room to be proud of. One that could really be used without undertaking a giant hunt in the hope of emerging with the item you needed and a separate games room with everything from scrabble to ping pong.

A new Boot Room on the farm at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Swapping soap powder and dirty laundry woes for beach tips and the best farm puddle gear seems a much better way to socialise on holiday.