Why I Love our Fresh Water Lakes

Posted on July 9th, 2016

The Lakes at Coombe Mill

Time and time again I share photos of our lakes. I walk around them most days checking the animals or joining the morning feed run. Yet even after fourteen years of living at Coombe Mill the beauty of the lakes still takes my breath away. They change in appearance and character with the seasons. Right now they are teaming with wildlife as pond skaters, dragonflies and damselflies scoot by, not to mention being a home to our carp for those wanting to try their hand at fishing here on holiday. The carp bring the beautiful but less welcome heron gracefully sliding by, while wild ducks come and go with the promise of ducklings. There is plenty for youngsters to learn from water safety to the nature within. Pond dipping is a favourite activity.

Pond dipping on the lakes at Coombe Mill Holidays


I keep meaning to head out with my tripod and long lens to capture some of the wildlife at play. However more often than not it is just an angle or cloud reflection that captures my imagination and has me reaching for my i-Phone in passing. This has been one such week.

I didn’t actually think a phone could take a decent close up but I’m quite pleased with this one in the long grass beside the lake.


Dragonfly or damselfly resting in the grass? #dragonfly #damselfly #grass #dew #nature

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The reflections from the sky on a clear day give the most beautiful rich blue shine on the water.



This might actually be my favourite photo as it captures a different perspective to usual. It was actually taken by Theo who is showing the greatest interest of all my children in photography. He crept own into an overgrown section that once was home to one of his many childhood camps to take the photo.



I hope where ever you are the start of July has brought some much needed sunshine your way with fewer downpours.