Learning about Farm Animals

Posted on July 15th, 2016

Learning about Farm animals is something the children do each day here at Coombe Mill. Without even knowing, kids are discovering new things right from the tractor feed run on the very first morning. Not only is this a social event and a chance to make friends, but the endless questions to Farmer Nick confirm that the children are naturally interested and curious about the animals they are helping to feed and care for. This week I decided to cement some of the learning with a few fun tasks at our Friday activity session.

Learning about Farm Animals on Holiday.

Activity Hour learning about Farm Animals

 We began with a cute little story about a baby deer and her Mummy who embarked on an adventure across a stream and up a hill. It could so easily have been at Coombe Mill and the children were soon enthralled after meeting our baby deer in the mornings.   

The Farm Animal Story

After the story I snuck in a little twinkle worksheet from our education pages learning about farm animals by matching the food to the animal.   

Filling in the work sheets

That was enough sitting time for my little tots so we headed out on a scavenger hunt. Each child was tasked with finding 4 twigs and the most interesting flowers and leaves they could find ready for our animal themed crafts.

Collecting flowers around the farm

Relocating to the outside craft tables we spread PVA glue on our bunny and chicken shapes and stuck on the collecting nature treasures.

Next we used the sticks we had found together with toilet rolls, tissue paper and duck tape to make sheep.

The black and white ones were just like our Jacobs sheep here on the farm while several children chose to make some’ Bah Bah Rainbow Sheep’ using some of the fun duck tape colours.

Making the toilet roll sheep

We finished up walking over to the rabbits, each child carrying a carrot for them to eat. The rabbits duly obliged and came over to the children to nibble on their offering and allowing them a final cuddle of the day.  The children had a wonderful time whilst recapping learning about farm animals from the week.

Visiting the bunnies

Learning about Farm Animals at Coombe Mill

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