Creating Knights and Dragons Themed Play

Posted on July 22nd, 2016

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

From old socks to playing knights and dragons.

Farmer Nick was turning out his old socks. The washing machine in our house eats socks, or it could be that our growing teen boys pinch them! Either way he had a stack of odds heading for the bin. I was sure I could put them to good use. Playing around with a sock, a stick and some wool I soon had a hobby horse. It was a short jump from there to a whole activity hour theme on knights and dragons.   

Kights play fighting in DIY famcy dress at coombe Mill Holidays

Our knights began by choosing themselves a cape out of the dressing up box before turning their hand to making their horse. We wrapped wool round the stuffed sock to create the facial features and reigns, finishing off with some googly eyes.

Making Hobby Hourses at Coombe Mill Holidays to play Knights and Dragons

With horses complete our knights went off on a nature hunt to find jewels for the perfect crown or helmet.

A nature hunt to make knights crowns or helmets on the farm

Next up we turned cereal boxes into Knights shields with floristry ribbon crosses on the front.

Making shields for a knights and dragons activirty hour on the farm

We still had swords to make but my little warriors were flagging and keen to start the knights and dragons hunt I’d promised. We handed out colouring sheets containing the dragons we were off to find on our mission to pull the famous King Arthur Sword from the stone in Jurassic Park. There was just time to fuel up on chocolate dragon eggs before we set off. 

This was the part that really excited the children. In full fancy dress they had their eyes wide open looking all around for the dragons. They were triumphant each time one was spotted and before we knew it the trail had led us to the gates of Jurassic Park.

Hunting for dragons on the farm

 Once inside the children were convinced that with their new magic powers from their outfits they would be able to pull the illusive sword from the stone. To their disappointment Farmer Nick’s cement won and they reluctantly admitted defeat.

Pulling the sword from the stone on the farm at Coombe Mill Holidays

They soon bounced back at the idea of returning to the craft table to make their swords and enjoy another dragon egg.

We swapped dressing up capes for white knight bag capes so that the children could take their whole outfit home with them. The knights and dragons theme had really inspired them and as we left we saw them play fighting with their new swords and setting off to show family members, who had missed the fun, where the dragons hid.

Kights play fighting in DIY famcy dress at coombe Mill Holidays

 It’s amazing how much creative fun came out of Farmer Nick’s odd sock collection!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall