Coombe Mill Garden Fete

Posted on July 29th, 2016

From Alpaca shearing to Garden Fete

So how did I make the leap from alpaca shearing to Garden fete? Well the guests staying last week were treated to the once a year spectacle of seeing our two Alpaca lose their winter coats. This is an education in its own right that I will share on a separate post. However it is fair to say the children were quite taken with the whole process and I promised them we would make something with the wool for activity hour at the end of the week. As I sat playing with the wool in my hands it reminded me of crazy hair and an idea began to form. We could make toilet roll people with crazy white hair. These could be used as skittles, which became the basis of my Coombe Mill Garden Fete, a replica of a typical local village, school or church fate hosted in summer.


garden fete fun and games

Garden Fete Bunting

I had some triangles of old sheet left from previous crafts and the children painted these up to make some bunting as a back drop to our Garden Fete.


Making bunting for the Coombe Mill Garden Fete

Garden Fete Challenges

Next we made the crazy haired skittles that began my theme. The children took turns to try and knock down the skittles with a snooker ball in a cardboard box alley with Amber while I hid a trail of ones I made earlier to the front lawn.


Making crazy haired skittles with alpaca wool for Garden Fete games


Walks are always more fun with something to collect and search for along the way. By the time we reached the lawn we had a growing collection of our little characters. We lined them up along the bank to be the audience for our garden fete fun challenges.


Treasure hunt to the front lawns


We started with an obstacle race at just the right level of difficulty for our little ones. They had to crawl under a sheet, play a tune on the nature xylophone and throw Freddie Frog through the netball hoop before running to the finish line for a chocolate.

Obstacle Course around the Gardens

Two sticks then became the river bank and the children had to cross the river without stepping in the middle where Freddie Frog was lurking; after each clear round the sticks moved further apart. The children were so good at this racing round and round laughing each time.



Even the parents were inspired to have a go

Parents taking part at the Coombe mill Garden Party


A staggered flat race meant every age range had a chance to win.


Enjoying the Flat Race in our Garden Fate Games at Coombe Mill Holidays


What better way to finish our challenges than with a little bubble catching fun.


Bubble chasing fun at Coombe Mill


Returning to the craft table the children designed their own taking part medals to take home along with their crazy haired person as a little reminder of their fun garden fete afternoon.  


Making medals at Activity Hour


We had such a good time with these games I think we will build on them for a Coombe Mill Olympics theme for next week.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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