River Adventure after the Rain

Posted on August 19th, 2016

A river adventure for the school holidays

I love it when older children come to stay at the farm as it encourages my triplets out into being kids again. At 12 they have hit that in between stage between child and adult where they need a little time away from the pressures of school to rediscover their inner child. They had teamed up with one of the Coombe Mill regulars and after a couple of days of relentless rain everyone was itching to be outdoors. A river adventure beckoned!

River adventure after the rain

Boys will be Boys

The river had been running dangerously high after the rain but had subsided to a level I was happy for them to play in. As they are now older and stronger they can cope with a stronger current and relished the challenge of wading against the current.  


river adventure wading upstream on the river Camel in Cornwall


Having battled upstream they then swam or body boarded down with the current. It was definitely flowing fast enough to make them look like super swimmers and give them the thrill they were after.

It took just a couple of minutes to whizz by me standing on the bridge and disappear over the rapids. There is a gentle pebble area further down where they could easily climb out and walk back across the fields and over the gate into Coombe Mill.


River adventure swimming downstream & walking back to Coombe Mill


After a few times down the river they clambered out, dripping wet but full of excitement, to start jumping off the bridge.


ready to jump


Bridge jumping is an old time favourite for my boys. I had thought to try myself after a BiBs dare, but I welched out despite it being a bit deeper after the rain. It was one river adventure too far for me.

jumping off the bridge into the river Camel at Coombe Bridge 

Grabbing a body board each they set off once more down the river. I was standing on the bridge chatting to the parents and thinking it was taking them longer this time.  The other parents weren’t in the least worried, trusting their son to my two who know the river well. After a while I guessed what had happened and suspected they were surfing all the way through to Wenford Bridge, something I know Guy has enjoyed in the past. I picked up the car keys and some bin bags for them to sit on and drove off to meet them. Arriving there was no sign so I took the camera and headed back upstream to watch out for them. The sun had come out and I was quite happy soaking up the afternoon warmth and admiring the river.


Admiring the river Camel betweem Coombe Mill and Wenford Bridge


Eventually I decided they must have turned around after all and returned to the car. As I drove past the end of the camel trail who should I see sitting at the tables in the Snail’s Pace Cafe? The three wise monkeys. They had climbed out of the river and gone there to ring me to collect them, but I had no mobile signal. Just as well I had second guessed their intentions anyway! They wanted ice creams and hot chocolate but, as they were shivering and soaking, I decided to just get them home and showered and let them have their treats back at Coombe Mill


Rescuing swimmers and surfers from Wendfoed Bridge


To me this was a perfect school holiday afternoon, a child led river adventure away from all the pressures of school. It takes a couple of weeks of being away from school for this to develop and I’m making the most of being with them knowing the new school term and year eight isn’t far away now.

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