Butterflies Adorning the Lilac Bushes

Posted on August 20th, 2016

Butterflies and Bees on the farm

Late summer brings a flurry of activity with butterflies darting hither and dither in the Coombe Mill gardens. As soon as the sun comes out, so do the butterflies and they are attracted to our plentiful lilac bushes. I was actually out mowing the lawns in the afternoon and couldn’t resist returning to home from the furthest point on the farm just to sit and capture the buzz from the bushes behind our far play area. The scent of the lilac was as wonderful as the site of the butterflies drawn to it. Sitting there balancing my camera on my knees, and regretting not bringing out the tripod, I breathed in a heady cocktail made up of the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with the scent from the lilac. I watched the stunning array of colour flashing before my eyes as the butterflies and bees moved from flower to flower; all this to the musical rhythm of the buzz of wings, against the flow of the river and accentuated by children’s laughter.   

From where the children are playing here you can just see the lilac trees forming a backdrop to the play area.

Free Play at Coombe Mill

The peacock butterfly has always been my favourite, the trademark peacock circles on the tips of the wings have beautiful colours that smudge just like a wet painting.

Peacock sunbathing on the granite by the lilac at Coombe Mill

Even looking up at the wings from underneath the circles are still obvious.

Underwing of a Peacock Butterfly on lilac at Coombe Mill

My second favourite butterfly is the Red Admiral; both were out in abundance and even vying for the same flower.

 Butterfies chasing each other on lilac at Coombe Mill

I think the local honey producers will be happy this year; the bees here were really filling up on the pollen from the lilac.

Bee on the butterflies licac on the farm

At least if the bees are happy with the lilac, the children are free to play unaware of their presence behind as they go about their business.

Sand pit play at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Although we did go butterfly spotting for activity hour this week as part of our summer nature study.  

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