A special cousin bond at Plymouth Hoe

Posted on August 26th, 2016

It isn’t often these days that I have a full family outing. However when you mention lunch out and shops they are all interested. May be it is growing up in the countryside and being surrounded by nature, but the thought of a trip to the city really excites them all. The added bonus was having my niece staying with her young family too. The cousin bond is a special one and it was a trip that suited everyone.

A special cousin bond at Plymouth Hoe


It was a quick change after the Sunday morning feed run and into the cars heading for Plymouth. Having missed breakfast our first stop was lunch. We have a favourite all you can eat Asian restaurant with everything from freshly cooked seafood to well known regular dishes. Even the hungriest teen can come out full without breaking the bank so it works well for us. My thanks to Jed for the photos I didn’t know he’d taken on my phone!


Lunch at the View in Plymouth


With tummies full the kids headed for the shops, I was keen to sort some of their school uniforms out for the new term but was also determined it wouldn’t take up all our time as the sun had come out and it was turning into a gorgeous afternoon. As soon as we had the necessary purchased we headed out towards the Hoe leaving the older ones to continue their shopping.  My triplets were totally taken with the huge Olympics big screen and deck chairs in the centre of town. There was even free table tennis there and an outdoor bar so we stopped to join in for a while.



Continuing to the Hoe the kids had a chance to run free along the water features and up the banks. Thankfully no one fell in!


Going the interesting route to Plymouth Hoe

A special cousin bond

Once we arrived we left the children to play. The whole area was full of family groups enjoying picnics and soaking up the summer sun. It was wonderful to see my three playing with their cousins.


Cousins at Plymouth Hoe Playing


There is a special cousin bond within families and it’s lovely to have a chance see that flourish even with cousins they don’t see very often thanks to us living at the end of the earth in Cornwall.   

Plymouth Hoe Lighthouse

I left them playing together down on the Hoe to take a walk up the old lighthouse with Farmer Nick. I had wanted to do this on previous trips but never had the time. It was well worth the £3 entrance fee with plenty of plaques and a TV playing to help fill in the history. How anyone lived there is beyond me with the tiny kitchen stove, little beds and winding stairs.

Lighthouse at Plymouth Hoe


Once at the top the views across the city and out to sea are amazing. I stood a while watching the cousin bond developing down below.


Views from the top of the Lighthouse at Plymouth Hoe


Back with the family the teens had returned from their shopping spree and were showing off their purchases. I could have happily stayed longer but with the train to run back at Coombe Mill we had to head home. In any case the little ones were looking quite exhausted from their play time with the triplets and more than ready for a little nap in the car. Plymouth is still a city I love to visit and I’m sure we will be back before too long.



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