The Boconnoc Steam Fair 2016

Posted on September 2nd, 2016

With the boys away on scout camp and Clio at a loose end we took her and her friend to the Boconnoc Steam Fair. We had fond memories if visiting in previous years so knew we would be in for a treat. It was turning in to a stunning warm summer’s day and it was a tossup between this and the beach, but as this is a one off it won the toss.

Boconnoc Steam Fair

The girls were tempted by the food stalls as soon as we arrived and as it was lunch time I could see their point.   

Lunch for the Girls at Boconnoc Rally

With tummies full we set off exploring the rows of stalls leaving Farmer Nick to tractor shows and vintage cars. It wasn’t long before Clio had spotted something she wanted. She has so many friends’ birthdays coming up and the stands were full of just the right things.

Clio hunting for bargains

It’s lovely to see them just being kids again and the fish for a prize stall caught their eye. Clio had no trouble hooking her duck and choosing a fun inflatable ball for them both to play with.

Hook a Duck

I was quite taken with some dear little Cornish dolls made from silk flowers. Whist chatting to the owner and asking if she minded me taking a photo she was very wary. I had no idea but apparently craft copies are rife and they were very wary of having their ideas poached telling me of how it had happened in the past. I really felt for them as their ornate dolls were beautiful and original. She allowed me my photo and Clio bought a couple of bracelets there to complete her shopping. If you like the look of them they make them to order and are only £5 each.

Flower Dolls

Shopping complete we headed for the fun fair. The girls spotted the dodgems immediately and invested in 4 rides for £10. It was worth every penny to see their faces.

I even went on once myself and we all giggled away as we crashed into one another. It was about 4 minutes a turn which felt reasonable value.

Girls on the Dodgems.

I nearly accompanied the girls on the big wheel but it span a bit too fast for my liking so I watched the girls instead

On the Ferris Wheel

We had such a fun time; they even indulged me in a fairground group selfie before heading back to find Nick.

Back together we lapped up the afternoon sun with ice creams and watched the big steam engines roll past.

Traction Engines

Nick couldn’t resist taking me for a quick tour of the vintage cars and I must say I did hanker after the canary yellow VW van and an old Triumph Stag just like the one we had pre children. I have a feeling when they all leave home we may treat ourselves again.

Vintage Cars


The Boconnoc Steam Fair: Need to know tips:

  • Runs for 3 days at the end of July each year
  • £28 for a family ticket, concessions for seniors and children.
  • Free field parking
  • Porta loos regularly serviced.
  • Endless food and drink stalls reasonably priced
  • Camping on site for the 3 days available
  • About 30 minutes drive from Coombe Mill

Thank you Boconnoc Steam Fair, we had another great visit and will no doubt be back next year.

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