Nature Books and River Art

Posted on September 9th, 2016

When I run activity hour I never know how many will come along, sometimes it is just a handful, other times it is a full house. This was one of those days where everyone came along inspired by the idea of creating nature books and embarking on a river art challenge.

Bodyboarding down the river to admire the river art

Nature books and a Nature walk

We began by making nature books with coloured card, paper, sticky labels and duck tape colours. My two tables were full to bursting as everyone gathered their materials and queued up to have their books stapled.  

Making nature books in Activity Hour at Coombe Mill


When everyone had finished we went off on a nature walk to find interesting leaves, flowers and more to paint, print or stick into our nature books. We passed by the lilac bushes to check for butterflies and despite the number of us and the noise we brought we still saw several.

Nature Hunt to collect inspiration to fill nature books

Back at base the children set to work following my example book. I was delighted how engaged they all were, from flower initials to leaf prints and collages.

Filling Nature Books with Nature from the farm at Coombe Mill Holidays

River Art Challenge

We had already used up our hour but I had promised the kids a river challenge and many were wearing beach shoes in preparation so we left our nature books with paint drying and headed down to the river. 

Here everyone split into teams and the challenge was to build the highest rock tower. My own boys ended up soaked of course building the tallest tower in the middle of the river. There was somewhere shallow enough for everyone to build and enjoy a paddle and the results were amazing.


River art challenge at Coombe Mill

Before we knew it six o’clock rolled round and Guy, dripping wet, ran from the river to the train to host the last ride of the week. Everyone hopped on with squelching feet and soggy clothes or wetsuits; just as well it was a sunny warm day! The laughter and happiness radiated from the train and I even used one of the photos to update my website homepage.

Train ride in wet suits

While the youngest headed indoors the older ones took body boards and continued their river fun on body boards stopping to admire their river art along the way!

Bodyboarding down the river to admire the river art

It was yet another memorable August week here on the farm with many promising to return and assuring parents they would never outgrow Coombe Mill!  I am enjoying the preschool crafts and games again now in September; hopefully some of these toddlers will one day become the new generation of nature loving adventure seekers here. 

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