First Autumn indications from the Farm

Posted on September 10th, 2016

The days may still be sunny and long but autumn is knocking at the door and the first signs are here to see.   With a windy day the leaves are beginning to tumble from the trees. There is quite a carpet of them building up and as we are down in a wooded valley they will soon be plentiful. However for now it is just a fluttering in front of my lens with a heavy gust. I watch them hit the road from my favourite vantage point down by the river early in the morning as the sun streams into the lane.   

Coombe Mill Lane in Autumn

Turning to face the water I can see where the children have been building a dam across a section of the river this week to make a natural paddling pool. There is a stark contrast bow between the smooth water behind the dam perfectly reflecting the trees on the bank opposite and the faster flowing water over the river bed.

autumn leaves on the river Camel at Coombe Mill Farm

What is really striking is the colour change. Gone are the rich greens of summer to be replaced by a payer shades interspersed with gold and orange. This colour change will continue to build over the coming weeks and the beauty of the farm will intensify as it does so.

Panoramic view of the river Camel at Coombe Bridge

Across the river on the farm daily life continues. The tractor rides to feed the animals are still a highlight of each morning for the children staying here.

tractor driving in autumn at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

While ending the week with activity hour always draws a crowd. The plentiful blackberries this year have been collected for muffin baking and printing. Hanging the printed fabric as bunting makes a gorgeous autumnal back drop to our fairy gardens.

Autumn blackberry printing

Summer is my favourite time of year as I love the holidays and the warmth, but autumn brings the most stunning colours to the farm. I feel I’m enjoying the best of both seasons this week as we retain the summer warmth and embrace the first of the autumn colours.

Are the first signs of autumn showing where you live too?