Poldark on Coombe Mill’s Home Turf.

Posted on September 11th, 2016

Filming on Beautiful Bodmin Moor

Sometimes being set in the back of beyond in an area of outstanding natural beauty has some added benefits. The rugged Moorland off the edge of our local village at St Breward was the home for the Poldark crew last summer as they set about filming the autumn series now playing on Sunday evenings.

Poldark on Coombe Mill's Home Turf

This was one opportunity I wasn’t about to miss out on. After all there was always a chance of a spotting of Aiden Turner. Maybe he’d let me have a photo, answer some questions, feature on my blog, oh the excitement was building. It was only up the road in my favourite cycling territory so I hoped on my bike, and with camera slung over my shoulder, I pedalled in hot pursuit of the action.

Cycling to find Poldark filming Series 2 on Bodmin Moor Cornwall


Poldark here I come

There were a steady stream of cars and vans around that I guessed were part of the support crew and it was pretty easy to follow their route. I also spotted some temporary signs on posts that I guessed were directions for the camera crew.

Traffic and camp directins leading me to Poldark in Cornwall


As I cycled over the crest of a hill, there before me was undoubtedly base camp with big Movie Maker signs, just in case you couldn’t guess!


Poldark Base Camp on Bodmin Moor


I freewheeled down to the entrance to find bollards and private signs. Damn and that was just for the camera crew and support staff! Perhaps I should follow the animals lead, they showed little regard for the filming in progress and even less respect for the signs.

Animals Grazing while Poldark is filming

I could see the house where the filming was taking place beyond the camp. Undeterred, I figured I could still get myself close by approaching from the back of the house. I had my long lens so I was still hopeful.  

Filming Poldark at a house on Bodmn Moor

As I clicked away, still unsure if the figures I was seeing were the cast or film crew, I found myself approached by security. Apparently the media had broken in the previous day via this side and taken unauthorised footage and they were worried I was from one of the national papers. When I explained I was simply a local hoping for a story for my holiday blog their guard came down and they were happy to chat. However my photos were still curtailed from this point on and my cheeky request to pop in and meet the cast dashed.

Site security coming to question me photographing Poldark in Making

 To be fair it was only a few days of filming here on the moor, the old port at Charlestown,  Near St Austell saw most of the action. The Poldark cast even returned to the town for the opening night. I managed to miss this but my good friend Karen, who owns the wonderful Winifred and Mable gift shop in Wadebridge, was part of the action. Karen clearly did better than me with photos, managing to capture the fun of the evening. 

Poldark cast at St Austell for the Openning Night of Series 2

Despite not meeting the cast myself, I’m still proud to have such a popular TV series filmed so close to Coombe Mill here in Cornwall.  Watch out Poldark series 3, I will be back with my bicycle and long lens stalking you again!