Little Robin Redbreast Watching over Sally

Posted on September 24th, 2016

Usually we have our piglets at around the time we return from visiting family in France over the summer.  Sally, our breading sow, has a regular date with her boyfriend up on a pretty farm on the moor. Despite being reluctant to enter the trailer in spring, she jumps out to greet her new companion and spends a happy vacation there for a round a month. This year however things didn’t go to plan, Pasty the boar had gone off the boil and a new boyfriend was summonsed.

Where have all the piglets gone?

It was with some relief that we received the call to say that Sally had definitely been serviced and was ready to return home.  The net result is that the much awaited piglets are later than ever this year, resulting in many questions from our regular guests.  That said there is no doubting now that Sally is most definitely in the family way, and we suspect due next week.

I have been keeping a close eye on Sally on my morning farm checks ahead of the feed run. Instead of rushing to the gate to greet me she has now taken to lying in bed and sleeping in, a sure sign the piglets are growing and zapping her energy.

You can really see her belly protruding as it houses the piglets. I wonder how many she will have this year; last year she had a whopping 14.  

I may not be the only one watching over Sally

I have noticed I am not the only one keeping an eye on our Sally. A friendly little robin sits all puffed up on her fence looking in each day too.

Robin watching over Sally the Pig

If only I could communicate with the Robin and ask her to come and tell me when Sally goes into labour, it would save me a lot of checking each day! However the fantasy notion is soon broken as the cynic in me realises the robin is actually loitering in the knowledge it will soon breakfast time and an opportune moment to pinch a little of Sally’s treats!

It is the cheeky Robin who has the last laugh!