A Holiday Train For All Seasons

Posted on October 1st, 2016

Our little holiday train has been delighting children now for several years. Each evening one of my children takes the children round the circular track. The times moves with the seasons, we are currently running the train at 6pm which works as a just before bath time treat for our toddlers this week. However when the clocks change the train time will need to move too.  By November it will be running at 4pm to catch the last of the day light.


Little holiday train at Coombe Halt.


The little holiday train draws up at Coombe Halt with a toot toot. This is the kids queue to come dashing across from the play areas or out of their cottage door.  My driver is supposed to wear a lovely train driver’s hat, however Clio claimed it wasn’t trendy enough of her and unless British Rail moved to a beanie hat she wouldn’t be wearing it. The guests did suggest I should dock her wages for non compliance which I thought was fair enough, but then remembered she was standing in for Guy who was playing rugby!


Little holiday train passing Water Mill Cottage


It only lasts around 15 minutes with 3 turns each; however our little holiday train really does keep the little ones enthralled. When they are not riding the children can blow the whistle, wave the flag or best of all man the signals and stop the train. Sometimes it can take an age to journey past the signals as the little ones endlessly have the driver stopping and starting again.


Operating the signals on the little holiday train


When the time come to wave the little holiday train goodbye for the night the children are in denial. They watch it back up fascinated as it is locked away till tomorrow.


Waving goodbye to the little holiday train at Coombe Mill in Cornwall



‘Tomorrow’ brought the return of Guy and the train drivers hat, much to the joy of the children.  



Coming up next for the little holiday train

I am already planning Halloween where the engine shed will be transformed into a ghost tunnel in time for our half term guests and those staying the following week for Halloween itself.

We are now full for half term but still have availability for the week of Halloween.


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