Blackberry Muffins and Blackberry Printing

Posted on October 21st, 2016

After weeks of posting about our summer fun I am finally catching up with myself and embracing autumn. Here on the farm the bushes were still laden with juicy blackberries until last week, I knew they would have to feature in our activity hour. Blackberry muffins have always been a favourite with my kids and I remember them being popular last time we made them for Activity Hour. However with so many children staying I knew I would have to organise things carefully and plan a few activities around the muffin making.

Blackberry Muffins and Blackberry Printing

We began by heading off blackberry picking, Guy and Jed had been out cutting back the brambles the previous day under Farmer Nick’s instructions, but I intercepted just in time to save a few well placed bushes. There were plenty for everyone and after just 20 minutes we had cup fulls of blackberries which I knew would more than cover everything I had in mind.

Blackberry picking at Coombe Mill Holidays

Blackberry Muffins

With my best readers in charge of the recipe the children helped me to measure out the ingredients and tip them into a large mixing bowl. The children each took turns to stir while I washed the blackberries. Then we folded them into the mixture. From here everyone queued to fill a muffin case ready for the oven.

Making Blackberry Muffins in Activity Hour at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Recipe Books

While the muffins cooked the children made recipe books based on the ones I had created previously for nature books. They carefully copied out the muffin recipe and decorated the cover adding their names.    

Making Recipe Books on the Farm

Blackberry Fabric Printing

We still had plenty of fruit left after our blackberry muffins, so I handed out strips of old duvet fabric cut into rectangles for some printing fun. The children carefully placed blackberries on one half, then folded the empty half over the blackberries, and squished them to make the printed pattern. The result looked like tie dye with some gorgeous red to black printed fabric which I stapled to wool and hung out in the Fairy Gardens.

Blackbery printing to make blackberry bunting

Finally, the moment the children had all been waiting for, our muffins were cooked and ready for tasting. They went down a treat with just enough for the parents to sample too.

home baked blackberry muffins

Happy children skipped off for the train complete with recipe books of how to make their muffins at home.  

Country Kids