How to Make a Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Sunday

Posted on November 6th, 2016

A no glue, easy assemble, stylish upcycled Poppy Wreath

With Remembrance Sunday fast approaching I wanted a craft I could share with the children staying on the farm which also gave me a chance to explain what Remembrance Sunday is all about. My own children still give me a sigh when I insist they attend the Remembrance Service with their scouting movement, but I feel it is an important date to mark. As kids they have enjoyed the fun of Halloween and Bonfire night, this one is a chance to step back, to reflect and to remember how we came to enjoy the freedom of our country.  A little crafting fun makes listening and comprehending easier for children. The result is a beautiful poppy wreath to show your support as well as a reminder to give generously to the poppy appeal.  

How to Make a Poppy Wreath

What You’ll Need

  • 2 x 6 egg plastic egg box
  • Red, green and black poster paint
  • Scissors
  • Black wool
  • A large cereal box
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Floristry ribbon (optional)
  • Green leaves (optional)
things you need to make a poppy wreath

How to Make your Poppy Wreath

To make the wreath base

  1. Draw a circle on a cereal box (use a plate or something to draw around) and cut out. Use both long side of the box.
How to Make a Poppy Wreath Step 1
  1. Make a hole in the centre of both pieces with scissors and cut out a smaller circle within the first.
  1. Paint your remaining rings with green paint and set aside to dry.
How to Make a Poppy Wreath Step 1
  1. Take the black wool and tie a knot around both pieces of card to hold them together then wind the wool round the card leaving a length of wool free at the end. Set aside

To make the poppies

  1. Cut the egg shapes from the egg box.
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 1
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step
  1. Use the lid of the egg box as a paint tray, and then dip the outside of each cut out egg holder in the red paint and leave to dry. (This will take several hours)
  1. Take the dried red egg holders and paint the inside circle black to form your poppy; then leave to dry.
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 3
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 4
  1. Make scissor cuts down opposite sides of your poppies from the tip of the petals to the start of the black middle.
  1. Returning to your wreath weave another layer of wool adding a poppy via the scissor cuts as you go round.
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 6
  1. When you have finished leave a length of wool for a handle to hang your wreath.


A few extra’s you could try

  • Add a little floristry ribbon to the base of your wreath curled with scissors
  • Thread green leaves into the wool behind the poppies.
  • Try PVA glue coating your finished poppy wreath to help it withstand the outdoors.
  • Try using holly and mistletoe for a Christmas Wreath

Variations on how to make a poppy wreath

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