Let’s go kite flying at Coombe Mill

Posted on November 18th, 2016

Kite flying is something I remember fondly from my own childhood. The hours I would spend on our campsite in Cornwall with my kite “touching the sky”. Here with my own children I have grappled with twisted strings and complicated designs down at the beach and more than often given up.  However I wanted to give the old fashioned one string kite flying a go again and thought we could try to make them for activity hour. The forecast was for heavy wind and rain ahead that night; I was banking on the wind arriving ahead of the rain so that we had a chance to try it all out.

Lets go kite flying at coombe Mill

How to make a simple kite

Luck was on our side and we were bless with sun and a real gust building. I risked laying blankets outside with all the materials while the children set to work following my prototype.



It’s amazing how much fun some colourful ribbon, bamboo and bin liners can create, although I was grateful to the parents for lending a hand too as tying all the string is a little fiddly for little fingers.


Making Kites at Coombe Mill

Time to go kite flying

With decorative tails in place and string secured the children couldn’t wait to give their kites a go. There was a handy little slope just up from where we had been constructing them that was perfect to fly a kite.


Kite flying a homemade kite


There followed a mad half hour of running hither and dither with kites following on behind.


Kite flying in the wind at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


More and more completed their kites and added to the buzz of children dashing around flying their newly made creations.  



Just as I was thinking how lucky we had been with the weather the sky clouded over and the rain drops began. It was already time up on activity hour but the children were feeling cheated of their extended kite flying time so as I had all the coloured wool out with me anyway we moved into the games room to make friendship bracelets and hair braids. The children were thrilled with their braids, though I fear I have now cheated the beach side stalls out of their business from this group!  


Making hair braids


By the time we finished the sun had returned and it was time for the evening train ride. There were some happy passengers complete with hair braids and having enjoyed the chance to make and fly a kite.  



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall