Rainy days are beautiful too

Posted on November 19th, 2016

I know I’ve said it before; we have had the most amazing autumn on the farm here in Cornwall. Morning sun climbing over the valley, crisp fresh air and stunning colours in the trees have made working outdoors a pleasure. However nowhere in England escapes the rain and generally we have more than our fair share of rainy days in Cornwall. 


damp and soggy leaves on a rainy day in November


Checking the farm ahead of the morning feed run usually falls to me while Farmer Nick takes the children to school. I won’t lie; when I draw the curtains in the morning and look out on a rainy day my heart sinks. It is so much easier to head on out into blue skies while crunching leaves beneath my wellies and watching puffs of steam from my breath. Yet when I woke earlier this week to our first rainy day in a while, I was quite taken with the beauty of the heavy mist and fine drizzle.


sheep in top field at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Instead of ditching my camera as a companion on my rounds as I usually would in the rain, I tucked it under my coat to share “the other side” of Coombe Mill. I can only imagine it was the long period without the famous ‘Cornish Mizzle’ that made me look upon the first of what I’m sure will be many winter rainy days in a new light.


rainy days in autumn by the lake at coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Instead of giving me a heavy heart, I found the warmer air and fine misty drizzle rather exhilarating. Even the goats that usually stay undercover when the rain comes came running out to see me. Perhaps there is truth in the old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.


autumn mist on the farm in November


Before you think I’ve completely lost the plot, on balance I do still prefer crisp sunny mornings, but thanks to a much dryer than average autumn, I am currently quite happy to venture out into the drizzle and still appreciate the beauty of the farm. In any case before you get too wet and wonder how to entertain the kids for the day here, there is always our indoor play barn or games room as well as play rooms in many of our holiday properties.


Can you see the beauty in rainy days?