Magic Photo Frames to Explain Perspective

Posted on November 25th, 2016

I was after a different sort of autumnal adventure for activity hour this week and an ideal I had been thinking about for a while suddenly fell into place thanks to a little creative thinking. I had been planning to do some kind of nature photo frames and was preparing my example frame when I suddenly thought how great they would be for explaining perspective to the children. My nature frames became magic photo frames with a little lesson in science thrown in!  

Magic photo frames to expalin perspective

Welly Walk

We began with a nature walk down the welly walk. I was surprised to find that even my two week guests hadn’t been along the trail before and so it was something new for everyone. On the way down we looked out for signs of autumn with the bracken dying back and fallen golden leaves.

Walking down the welly walk

The clearing at the end is a perfect play ground with a tree swing and a sandy shallow section of the river perfect for paddling. I think the kids could have spent all afternoon here and everyone wanted to return in their own time.

Playing on he rope swing and in the river at Coombe Mill on holiday

The return journey led us back through the bamboo tunnel with eyes peeled for collecting interesting pieces of nature.

Enjoying our welly walk during activity hour this afternoon

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Making Magic Photo Frames

Back at the craft tables we began to make our photo frames using rainbow wool and cereal boxes.

Making frames for magic nature frames

We weaved the collected pieces of nature into our frames.

Weaving magic nature frames to explain perspective

This was my chance to introduce a little science. I asked each child who was bigger, them or their photo frame. Even my youngest could tell me they were bigger. Yet when I took a photo of them looking through the frame they could see themselves inside the frame. How could that be? Then I showed them my hand up close and they watched as I moved further away. Clearly my hand appeared smaller. It was a great way to explain perspective and how the magic photo frames worked.  

exploring-perspective with magic photo frames

Each took their magic photo frames home with tired legs from our walk and a little knowledge imparted.

The magic photo frames were so successful we used them with a younger group of children too, but instead of collecting the nature first, we made the frames first and took them on our walk to fill them as we went. Explaining perspective to younger children was harder but they loved the idea of the magic and giggled at the pictures of themselves inside the frames!


The Forestry Commission are encouraging us to explore our woodlands this season and get creative weaving with nature just as we have been doing. Do check out their website for more creative ideas and downloadable packs as well as a list of your nearest forests. As we are coming up to Christmas there is also a list of forests selling Christmas Trees. Why not make a day of visiting and come home with a little piece of the forest for your home too. 


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