Storm Angus Pushes Autumn into Winter.

Posted on November 26th, 2016

So last week, after weeks of dry, I shared my love of Coombe Mill with a little rain. This week I have had my fill of rain! Storm Angus came tearing through Coombe Mill drenching everything in its path. Rain that was forecast to last just a day hung around, like a nasty smell, giving us 3 consecutive soggy days and nights. At one stage I wondered if the tractor taking the guests to feed the animals would make it over the road bridge as the river raged below.


Tractor on Coombe Bridge after Storm Angus

Storm Angus what have you done?

I felt like storm Angus stripped us of the last of autumn. Just before it hit, I captured the beautiful golden glow along our woodland paths.


Coombe Mill woodland path autumn before Storm Angus

Now a week later it feels as though a month has passed!

Coombe Mill woodland path autumn after Storm Angus

A different perspective

As sad as I may be at the passing of autumn and the swirl of fallen branches and leaves littered across the farm, for our deer it is just what they have been waiting for. Those ‘just out of reach’ branches have toppled giving them plenty to feast on in their field. As farmer Nick comes round in the morning offering a tasty breakfast, you can visibly see Rudolf hanging back in the undergrowth. His nostrils inhale the air morning air, but reject the prospect of coming down to be admired, preferring to feast on the fallen autumn treats to the rear of the field.


Rudolph happy with fallen branches after Storm Angus

From Storm Angus to winter sun

I couldn’t have been happier as by Wednesday the clouds lifted and the sun broke through. Although now very much a winter sun, it still has a warmth that I can’t resist, especially at the end of the day.


Watching the winter sun fade in Cornwall


I’m still adjusting to the end of the day being shortly after 4pm and having the headlights on for the school run, but it is also a good excuse to light a fire and open a good bottle of red wine!  Remember if you are booking with us this winter all our cottages and lodges have cosy woodburners; just remember to bring the wine! Or why not enjoy a chilly winter’s evening in our BBQ hut as we did last week, a good fire will keep it warm and a winter BBQ feels like a real family treat.