Jack Frost is after your Fingers and Toes

Posted on December 3rd, 2016

Well it certainly felt as though he was after mine on the farm this past week. With temperatures dipping below zero over night, we saw more frost in a week than we saw all winter last year. Jack Frost had waved his magic so hard you could be forgiven for opening the curtains at first light and thinking it had snowed.


Roof tops glisten and hedgerows prickle with frosty crystals Jack Frost has scattered.  Grass and fallen leaves crackle beneath my feet as I head out towards the farm.

Fushia with Jack frost biting in December at Coombe Mill



Even the old cart looks somehow otherworldly with the fog and frost all around. I half expect Jack Frost to pop out and wave at me, or hand me a hot cuppa at least!  


Coombe Mill Flour Cart in December Frost


My fingers and toes are feeling the pain as I pass by our frozen lake. I hover for a moment in spite of my toes, in hope of a skating duck.  Alas my quest for this capture continues.


Frozen Carp Lake at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays in December


The animals hear me coming, ears cock and voices call out. I see the warm steam from their nostrils amidst our landscape of white.


Frozen Carp Lake at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays in December


Hearts fill with hope as they trot over, though I only offer a chilly cuddle from frozen fingers, a benefit for my fingers more than their heart; for I am only the early checker, not the breakfast provider. Disappointment is palpable, but fear not, for they have warm straw beds and fair much better under cold dry skies than in cloudy damp conditions.

half frozen lake where Jack frost left at Coombe Mill

The deer are wiser and watch me from afar, without the rattle of a bucket they stand steadfast.

Deer looking on a frosty morning at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Turning the corner past the top lake, the line of the ice over the water is clear. Jack Frost did your supplies run dry?

half frozen lake where Jack frost left at Coombe Mill

I capture my last photo of our wise old owl guarding the cottage entrance before my camera battery dies and my fingers cease to function.

Wise old owl covered in frost guarding our holiday cottages


A hot steaming coffee is waiting for me as a sigh with appreciation at our winter wonderland.

Has Jack Frost swept over your home this week?