Acorn Crafts from the Coombe Mill Oak Trees

Posted on December 9th, 2016

Autumn is perfect for foraging and the farm is rich in natures finest seasonal offering. I wanted to take advantage of the countless acorns falling all around this week and set about creating acorn crafts from a nature hunt.


Acorn crafts from the Coombe Mill Oak Trees


A Nature Hunt

We were spoilt for choice with where to go hunting, it could have been as close as the car park but the children told me they had seen lots over by one of the play areas so we set off there with a collecting tub each looking for oak leaves, acorns, acorn shells and a feather.


Collecting acorns and oak leaves in the Coombe Mill play area


Collecting in a play area naturally necessitated a little play too!


Collecting acorns and oak leaves for activity hour with a little play time too

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Acorn Crafts for Kids

With our pots full we headed back to begin creating. The girls were very keen to try the jewellery first. I guessed this would be the hardest so it made sense to do it first moving to the messier painting afterwards. The adults helped me to skewer the acorns so the children could thread the acorns onto their string. They made a simple but fun nature necklace. For those happy to learn a little finger knitting we made stretchy bracelets with an acorn feature. This was pushing things for many of the little ones so we just pulled a couple of strands of wool through the acorns for a similar effect.


Making acorn jewellery at Coombe Mill


Whist wearing our jewellery we extended our acorn crafts to paint work. I had three separate challenges which all came together on one colourful card.

  • First we selected the shells from our collection and holding onto the stalks made geometric designs in overlapping colours.

  • Next we rolled acorns in paint and shook them on paper inside the tub to create messy art.

  • Finally we painted our oak leaves and made colourful prints.


The children each chose a colourful backing card to mount their painted acorn crafts onto and then using feathers or a paint brush wrote their name on their card.


Acorn crafts with paint

It was a lovely way to explore nature from the Oak tree itself to the leaves that change colour and the acorns that fall in autumn.  


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