A Fairy Dance for Christmas

Posted on December 10th, 2016

The leaves have tumbled from so many of our trees covering the farm these past few weeks. We have been busy clearing them from the paths and gardens but have left them to settle in the pretty fairy gardens.  Nestled in a wooded clearing down by the river the leaves provide a welcome canopy of shade to the gardens in summer. However last week, as the winter sun shone through the bare branches, I felt a burst of Christmas cheer that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was as though a fairy dance was in progress as sunbeams fired across the trinkets and fairies and the sound of the river formed a backing track to the music of the wind chimes.  


coombe mill in the enchanted fairy forest


Perhaps it is the beginning of December that put Christmas in my head and the magic of a fairy dance, but in my mind it was all coming to life. Christmas coloured red and golden leaves covered the wood chip floor. Figurines lay abandoned where the last children had played pretend games with them, and as the sun sparkled through, I could see the magic that draws children into this imaginary kingdom here on the farm.  


round table play in the fairy gardens

This is a place where children loose themselves in creativity bringing make belief to life. I think these two are relaxing after their first dance! 

fairies placed by the children relaxing after their fairy dance

The wise old owl chiming his music closely guards fairy secrets.

owl wind chime in the fairy gardens

Care to join the fairy dance little robin?

As I crouched to take a photo I was joined by a friendly winter robin who flew in to photo bomb my photo, intent on his own business I’m sure he was quite unaware of my presence.


A robin wants to join the fairy dance in the fairy gardens


Up in the trees last year’s colourful decorations from our Christmas activity hour still swirled in the breeze fuelling my sense of a Christmas fairy dance below.


Christmas trees from sticks in the fairy gardens


When this beautiful crocheted bunting from The Boy and Me was added last summer I worried it might spoil, however it has weathered the winds and rain with colours still vibrant. Somehow the tones blend with every season and now look perfectly in keeping with the shades of autumn and Christmas.


Fairy bunting for a fairy dance  and windchime for music

Do you have a place in nature where make believe comes to life?