James and the Amazing Gift

Posted on December 19th, 2016

I do love a new children’s book to chew over. Even though I no longer have little ones of my own, I have a weekly intake of holiday children who like nothing better than a little time with Mummy and Daddy and a good book at the end of a busy day here on the farm.  Keeping my borrow books up to date and including the latest must reads is a passion of mine. I am a firm believer in starting a love of reading books from a young age.

When it comes to books for younger children, in my mind they have to meet a few key objectives:

  1. An easy to follow memorable story line
  2. A captivating story
  3. Have a morale or teaching element or be funny   
  4. Be supported by eye catching relevant illustrations
  5. Represent Value for Money

With my key criteria in mind I gladly accepted an offer to review the new Book, James and the Amazing Gift, by Nicola J. Rowley from Troubador Publishing.

front cover of James and the amazing gift

James and the Amazing Gift: The Story

This book really ticks the educational morale tale. The story is suitably simple to follow and uplifting. It tells of a boy called James and his propensity to be happy and smile. This smile is infectious and influences all the people James comes into contact with; hence it becomes regarded as his gift. Then one day he comes across a lonely old lady. He has to work really hard for his charm to work, however his persistence pays off and she is so very grateful to the young boy. It is a lesson for us all in kindness to others told in a captivating story which is well illustrated.  


fun pictures in james and the amazing gift

What we thought of James and the Amazing gift

When I read the book to the children staying with us they all enjoyed the story and loved the photos which they through looked rather like themselves.

Reading James and the Amazing Gift

In my mind the new Nicola J Rowley book is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an original book for age 3 – 6. My only hesitation would be the price. At £7.99 I feel it is expensive for a 20 cm square paperback book of 23 pages. The story and content might be better displayed at A4 size which would look in keeping with its price tag. That said the content is all there and it is worth noting that for every copy sold £1 goes to the charity Contact the Elderly which is totally in keeping with the book’s teaching and a great charity worth supporting.   

Win your copy of James and the Amazing Gift

win James and the amazing gift

If this book sounds like something you would enjoy reading with your child why not enter to win one of 3 books here on the Coombe Mill Blog. Just follow the instructions below.

Remember you can always order the book through Amazon and know that £1 of your order will go to Contact the elderly.

James and the Amazing Gift


I was sent my copy of James and the Amazing gift to review. All words and thoughts are my own. You can pick up our copy to read here on holiday at Coombe Mill from our book shelf in the Games Room.