Christmas Eve Activity Hour

Posted on January 6th, 2017

Christmas on the farm has been a whirl of fun and laughter. Coombe Mill was fully booked and with many returning for a second or third Christmas with us, expectations were riding high for our special Christmas Eve activity Hour following the success of last year.  I spent some time planning and preparing and it was worth it with so many joining in.

christmas eve activity hour

Dressed as Mrs Claus, I explained to an attentive audience all the things I hoped to complete in the afternoon.  First off was baking biscuits for the children to leave out for Santa as I had been tipped off that these were a favourite of his.

Making Cookies at Coombe Mill

With biscuits baking we set about making our Christmas Gift Tree Decorations. I have a lovely tutorial for this one over on #Trash2Treasure if you fancy doing them next year. They are really simple and fun and made a great way to decorate our Christmas Tree ahead of the party later that evening.

making the christmas gift tree decorations

Moving on we made some fun Christmas Eve Reindeer and Santa Tags ready for when our biscuits came out of the oven. The children were really thoughtful with their messages to Santa on the back.

making the Reindeer and Santa tags

The Games room was smelling delicious as the biscuits came out of the oven. However they were still very hot so we took everyone off on the elf  trail we had laid out beforehand. Each child had a sheet to tick off the elves as they found them and to make a note of the letter hidden behind each elf.

on the elf hunt

 At the end of the Trail the children rearranged the letters to make the word “Rudolph”.  Such a simple idea but they had a wonderful time and were thrilled to complete their sheets.

And there was more Elf fun!   

At the end of the bamboo tunnel my little elves were waiting to hand out reindeer food to go with the tags the children had made earlier and chocolate pennies for discovering the word.

lining up for the elves

The children queued to visit the elves and then took advantage of a little adventure play while everyone had their turn.

on the rope swing

There were a few wet welly boots by the time we returned to the games room but everyone was refreshed and ready to wrap and tag their Santa biscuit parcels and reindeer  treats. 

finishing off the santa and reindeer gifts

I was amazed we managed to pack everything in with so many, but we were on a tight timescale with the Santa Express firing up in the distance. I’ll be sharing all about that one next week. It’s safe to say children staying here are more than ready for their beds by the end of Christmas Eve at Coombe Mill!


I hope your Christmas Eve was fun packed too.

Country Kids