What Weather Warning was that from the BBC?

Posted on January 14th, 2017

So my Instagram feed was filled with puffy powdery snow photos while I looked out at dark clouds and rain. There had been a glimmer of hope. We had a weather warning for snow since the start of the week and I truly believed this was the year the children’s sledge, a Christmas present 6 years ago, might finally find its first use. Alas as Thursday afternoon approached our hopes were dashed, the weather warning was withdrawn and instead of snow it looked more like we might face floods! It bucketed down all day; stupidly I went for a run through it all and came back with even my trainers needing to go in the wash. I didn’t mind though as I can’t stay indoors all day even when it is vile outside.   


River close to flood with a weather warning for snow at Coombe Bridge


The greatest relief was that we only had one family we know well staying. Any more and the farm might have been churned to soup. We were so lucky all through the Christmas holidays with some glorious winter weather; if we have to have some grotty days too this is a good month to get it out of the way. Still my disappointment at missing out on the snow was such that I’m sharing a frosty photo instead, it is as close as I’m going to get to snow again this year I fear.


Frost from bridge over Coombe Mill Log Cabins


The weather warning may have been wrong, but I can’t resist a photo even on a drizzly run. The street light poking out as the light faded whilst I was running though the village felt strangely warming.  


Mist & drizzle at dusk in Cornwall


And yes we did see the sun too, which always shows the farm off to its best, and entices the animals out to play. These cuties were sharing their last tuft of grass reminding me of the old Rolo advert!


Bunnies sharing grass at Coombe Mill

Did you have a weather warning for snow?

Were you let down by the snow forecast like us or did you have beautiful drifts to play in? Worse was news of the real flood rick along the east coast. I hope where ever you are you and your families are safe.