Winter Beach Days at Polzeath

Posted on January 27th, 2017

I make no secret of loving family days at the beach and here in Cornwall we have some gorgeous beaches to choose from. I don’t mind if it is summer or winter, time at the beach for me is time well spent. I can feel on holiday just minutes from home here and I like nothing better than the school holidays when all my family join me. Having children now age 12 – 18, family trips are becoming less frequent, there is always someone off doing something independently, so when the Christmas holidays gave us a chance to all be together for some winter beach days there was no stopping this trip. For Farmer Nick this is a bit of a rarity, I swear Christmas is the only time of the year he joins us at the beach; normally he is much happier pottering on the farm and having a little peace and quiet from us all!


Winter Beach Days at Polzeath


It wasn’t a beautiful day but it was warm for December and to me it was perfect. School and work were on hold and we could just enjoy a few hours of fresh air. Once at the beach our party split into two, one group walked the coast path to the headland while Guy and I opted for surfing (Guy) and body boarding (me) in the sea.

I don’t remember the wind but looking back at the photos the waves and our hair blowing all over shows there was quite a strong side wind.  


Winter on the beach at Plolzeath


Normally photos of my family are a rarity, however thanks to my brother joining us, suddenly the kids were happy to stop and smile giving me some lovely memories of our day.


Winter at th beach walking to the headland from Polzeath


I wish I could have transported Guy and me into these photos at the headland.


From the Headland round from Polzeath on a winter's day


That said we were in the sea nearly an hour and had a great time, it didn’t even feel like winter in there. Though I do have a thick wetsuit and a thermal rash top, Guy was the brave one in a summer weight suit.


surfing at the beach in winter

Winter beach days: A return trip

We enjoyed it so much we couldn’t resist a return visit a few days later and this time in full sun.  The tide was further out and splashing in the sea and football on the beach was all it took for happy family fun.


Winter beach days in the sun at Polzeath


I don’t know what it is about term time, but persuading the kids to come out with me is so much more of an effort.  I’m now looking forward to half term and the prospect of more family winter beach days here in Cornwall.


Tips for family Winter Beach Days at Polzeath

  • Take wetsuits, especially for the children, they always end up splashing in water at any time of year. We have plenty to borrow at Coombe Mill from our boot room.

  • Take snacks and drinks or a money if it is a beach with facilities. Beach play is thirsty work!

  • Our visit here was to New Polzeath, lf the tide is in there is a walk from parking to reach the main beach at Polzeath so check tide times before setting out.

  • In 2016 the beach toilets became pay toilets. You need 20p to go and worse, they lock them all together now in winter due to lack of funds for cleaning. My tip is to use the local beach cafes which are open at peak times like the Christmas holidays.  

  • Parking at Cornish beaches is heavily monitored, never outstay your ticket or you are like to be fined.  New Polzeath is free all year but parking is limited. There is a pay car park too for busier months.

  • Be sensible in the sea. There are no lifeguards from October to May, though you can still book surf lessons for adults and children with Surf’s Up.


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