North Cornwall with images from around the world.

Posted on February 4th, 2017

Coombe Mill is set just off Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall. It is nestled at the base of a valley with the river Camel running through the middle. The Camel’s source is high in the moor and it reaches the sea at Padstow. It struck me when looking through a few comments on my Pinterest just what a beautiful part of the country we live in and how it resembles parts of the world many miles away. My countryside sunset photos have been likened to Africa while our rugged coast and turquoise waters likened to Hawaii. Winter harbour photos have been mistaken for summer in Padstow and I see New Zealand’s south Island in much of our North Cornwall landscape.   

Postcards from North Cornwall

I thought I’d share a few of the recent contrasting photos that have generated these global comparisons.

Padstow Summer or Winter?

I always maintain that the coast is timeless and seasons melt into one. But for the temperature which is hard to convey in a photo, this photo in Padstow was mistaken for summer but is in fact from a visit over the Christmas holidays


North Corwall boasts of Padstow

Cornish Coast or Hawaii?

I have taken to running the coast path this winter after dropping the kids into school in the mornings. There is a beautiful loop covering the coast and veering inland that covers about 6 miles. One of my favourite views is coming round the headland from Polzeath and seeing The Rumps stretching ahead. This photo was a quick I phone capture last week that was likened to Hawaii.


North Corwall coastline near Polzeath looking like Hawaii

North Cornwall Countryside or Africa

I do love to chase a sunset. With my long lens looking out from our lane towards the sea the orange glow reflecting back has been likened to the African plains.


North Cornwall Sunset looking like Africa

Coombe Mill or New Zealand

I have never visited the African planes or Hawaii, however I have been to New Zealand and parts of this remind me so much of home here in North Cornwall. This next photo is taken along our ravine and is typical of the waterfalls and streams of New Zealand.


Stream at the top of the ravine at Coombe Mill North Cornwall looking like New Zealand


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My thanks to A Modern Mother, Mummy from the Heart,  Lets pack our Bags Blog for inspiring this post through their comments on my Instagram photos.  

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