How to Make a Valentine’s Charm for the Garden

Posted on February 5th, 2017

With Valentine’s Day clashing with the half term holidays I like to do something fun to mark the occasion with the children staying here at Coombe Mill. While they may be too young for the romantic side of Valentine’s Day, they have no difficulty with the concept of love, especially family love and hearts as a symbol of this. Last year we made some fun heart charms for the children to remember their holiday and hang in their gardens at home. I hung my Coombe Mill valentine’s charm up in the Fairy Gardens and would you believe a year later it is still twirling in the breeze. On the basis of how well they lasted I decided to make a country trail for the children with them this year and share with you here how to make one yourself.   

How to Make Garden Heart Charms

What you’ll need to make a Valentine’s Charm

  • Cardboard, a cereal box is ideal
  • Duck tape colours of your choice
  • Floristry ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pen
What you'll need heart charms



  1. Draw a heart shape on a piece of card to the size you want your charm to be and a smaller heart inside.
Draw your heart shape
Cut out your heart shapes
  1. Cut out the outer and inner heart.
  1. Cut strips of duck tape colours and cover the card ensuring all exposed edges are covered to keep your charm waterproof.
Tape the Heart to create waterproof layer
Split the Floristry Ribbon in two or three
  1. Cut a long length of floristry ribbons and tear into 2 or three pieces.
  1. Wrap the ribbons round the heart from the centre leaving two long ends for hanging
Wrap the Floristry Ribbon around your Heart
Hang your Heart Charm in the Garden
  1. Hang your valentine’s charm the garden.

A few alternatives to try

Ideas for early year’s children:

Try cutting different shapes for young children and using them to learn and match shapes and colours.

Make different sizes and see if children can order them from smallest to biggest. 

Make your valentines charm into a necklace or medal for all the family to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Ideas with older children

Turn them into pretty bunting in the garden or living room.

Make a Valentines Nature Trail or Treasure hunt as we are doing with clues or nature facts tucked into the floristry ribbon.

Making Heart Charms in Activity Hour

I hope you will find a use for these cute valentines charms, they are so simple to make and very long lasting even outdoors.


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