Point to Point Horse Racing at Wadebridge.

Posted on February 10th, 2017

It was a bleak midwinter day, but we were looking forward to it after our fun at the local point to point last year.  This year was warmer and drier so things were looking up.  It was our last day with Ally at home before he returned to university and I was delighted he joined Nick and me, along with Clio and Jed.

The Wadebridge showground is our local venue if and just 20 minutes from Coombe Mill.  Its primary function is to host the Royal Cornwall show but it doubles up for many other events during the year including point to point racing.  With an 11.30am start we had just enough time after the morning feed to arrive in time for the first race.


A Family Day at the Wadebridge Races


There was much debate about which horse to back for each race.  Jed concluded from experience that all white horses were losers, Nick always fancied the heavier ones for stamina, Clio felt number three was always a winner as this is her lucky number while I opted for the slight horses imagining they would have a speed advantage.  Given all of our theories were pretty random we took it in turns to pick a horse for each race.  Studying their form in their show field is half the fun.


Studying the form at the Wadebrige Point to Point Horce Races


There is a real thrill to watching the horses come thundering past in a race, it was quite tricky to spot our one amidst the stampede of hooves.  So often are horse would lead the race only to flag on the final lap.


Wadebridge family point to point race day


Being only a local town point to point, it was easy to find a good spot along the edge of the racecourse.  We alternated between watching the finish line and standing near the final jump.


Between races we took advantage of Cornish pasties, drinks and cake.  For the hardened race goer is there is even a bar supported by our local publican and the village pub on this occasion.


Food and drink at the Wadebridge point to point


Stands selling country wear and racing accessories were all around.  Nick and the kids had fun with the hats.  Now my husband and eldest son look even more alike with their new country style matching hats!


Trying on hats at point to point in Wadebridge


I’m so pleased we ventured out to support a local event, we won a race, still ended up down on the day, but it was worth it for a fun day out.  


Family photos from horse racing at the Wadebridge point to point


This is definitely one I would recommend with children of any age and a great way to learn about light gambling, how to make it fun and avoid the pitfalls, in a safe parental environment.  The upcoming  Point to Point races can be found here if you are staying with us and if fancy going along.


Have you tried point to point horse racing as a family day out?

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