How to Make a Potted Herb Holder for your Window

Posted on March 5th, 2017

If you are a cook who likes to use fresh herbs, you may well be like me and have a window ledge full of little pots ready to take a cutting to add to recipes.  Mine were beginning to look rather messy scattered amongst a couple of neglected pot plants and during a kitchen clear up I suddenly had the urge to tidy this area. With some new glittery Duck Tape Colours that matched my kitchen perfectly and a pub drinks holder from a box of goodies kindly been given for our farm crafts a plan for a potted herb holder was formed. It would also make a great activity for kids to give on Mother’s Day. 

How to Make a Potted Herb Holder

What You’ll Need

Pub Drinks Holder

Duck Tape Colours


Supermarket growing herbs or herbs with a little root from the garden in good compost.

What You'll need Potted Plant Holder



Potted Herbs Collect 4 herbs in matching pots.
Cut strips of your chosen duck tape colours to cover the outside of the pub tray.. Wrap the pint holder in Duck Tape to make your potted herb holder
Cut into the edges of the circle to make a potted herb holder Take care to cut and tuck around the drink holder spaces to give a smooth finish on top.

Pop your growing herbs into the drink spaces and arrange on a light surface or window ledge

Fold over the tape making your potted herb holder
Finished Potted Plant holder made from a covered pub cup holder

After care

Snip leaves as needed

Water regularly according to instructions:  Basil I find needs a daily top up but coriander and Rosemary need very little.  

Replace as required.



A few alternatives you could try.

Instead of throwing the pots away when the herbs are used, try planting some spring seeds in them or succulents

Look for other containers that will fit the holes. I found Robinson’s squash bottles a perfect fit and cut these to size, added a little duck tape colours to the raw edge at the top and filled them with gravel before adding tin can flowers and tissue paper flowers. This makes a crafty alternative to the potted herb holder for spring that is great to do with children.

If you don’t have access to a pub drinks holder, you could cut holes in the top of a cereal box.

A Few alternative ideas to make from the potted herb holder


Vlog tutorial on making a potted herb holder


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