Visiting Brighton Pier and Marina

Posted on March 10th, 2017

For February Half Term we try to fit in a few family days away between changeover days on the farm. Traditionally we spend this between catching up with friends and cousins in London and days by the sea on the south coast seeing Farmer Nick’s Mum.  One of the kids favourite day trips is into Brighton. There is so much to do in this coastal city that the children are always keen to visit. On this occasion it was Brighton pier and the marina that were our focus.

A Family Day at Brighton Pier and Marina

Brighton Pier

My children have been drawn to Brighton pier since they were little.  The colours, sights and smells are all so different to the Cornish seaside. Jed had taken his scooter with him which was perfect along the promenade but less than perfect along the wooden planks of the pier. More than once Farmer Nick was left holding onto it!

Scooting along the Brighton Pier


Half way down the pier there are some lovely views back across Brighton and I always feel hungry as the aroma from the fish and chip stalls and doughnut stands drifts past.


Clio looking to the beach from Brighton Pier

One of my least favourite aspects of the pier is the arcade. However on a biting cold day it does provide a little warmth and the kids and Nick settled into a few games of horse racing until the 10p supply ran out! Not exactly like the point to point at Wadebridge, but a fun 10 minutes.

Playing on the horses in the Brighton Pier arcade

However the real thrill is at the end of the pier. The children have never let us forget letting them go on a couple of rides a year or so ago, only to discover they were not tall enough. Fast forward to now where they are only just shorter than me and it was payback time! They had been given some holiday money from their Yia Yia and aunt and uncle and treated themselves to a sensible dodgems  inter family challenge with Farmer Nick


Guy and Clio then decided to go for the biggest scariest ride there. Jed held back with me deciding he didn’t have the stomach for it and I couldn’t blame him. I was envious of their sky high view of Brighton, but not the subsequent upside town tumble!

Scary ride on Brighton Pier for Clio and Guy

I would have felt quite ill climbing down but they grinned from ear to ear and it totally made their day.  After fleecing us for fast food lunch and a fortune in “needed”   clothes and shoes in town we headed down to the Marina.

Brighton Marina

We admired the giant yacht in the harbour village only to discover the triplets had hopped over the rope barrier ad jumped on board for a closer look. They have some nerve and I shouted them back.

Brighton Marina climbing aboard a yacht


Guy and Nick checked out the boat prices in the window and decided a boat would have to wait for another year.  None the less we crossed the road to the main marina and admired the waterside flats and boots moored up whilst the kids took it in terns to scoot up and down.

Admiring the boats & yachts in Brighton Marina

We didn’t manage the beach this time or a visit to the lanes but it will still be remembered as a fun day trip and one I know they will want to do next time we visit family.


Have you visited Brighton Pier or Marina?

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