Farmer Nick Spies New Kids on the Block

Posted on March 18th, 2017

So, I send Farmer Nick off to buy more animal feed and he comes home with 3 goats and a bag of feed all for free! He may forget our children’s names on a daily basis, but clearly his old negotiation skills from his Tesco buying days are still with him. I was quite taken aback with how he managed this one. Apparently as he was waiting for our regular feed delivery to be loaded he spotted a “Free to good home” Advert on the shop notice board and followed it up. 2 nanny goats and a castrated Billy in a neighbouring village to us all sounded too good to be true, but as it was so close he popped back to hook up the trailer and go and see. Before I could ask what they were like he was back here complete with 3 gorgeous looking goats in the back of the trailer. “They even gave me the bag of food they had just bought” he exclaimed.


New kids on the block arriving at Coombe Mill


We let them out into the field adjacent to our existing goats for a day before opening the joining gate to let them familiarise themselves together. The newbies did look a little overwhelmed with their new spacious field and boisterous companions.  


new goats looking shy


Even though little Queenie did her best jumping tricks to impress the new goats. 


Quennie the hand raised farm goat


We have no idea on the age of the new goats but I’m rather hoping Billy will show a keen interest in the nanny goats for some late season kids. Farmer Nick on the other hand is suspecting we have been sold a set of oldies, as the boy is looking a little arthritic. Either way I’m sure they are going to be happy with us. 


new goats setting into the farm


Speaking of kids, I’m sure “Hairy” is beginning to gain a bit of a tummy. Fingers crossed this means kids in a month or two here on the farm. 

If you fancy a spring break and meeting the ‘new kids on the block’ we still have spaces for the Easter holidays and some great prices either side of these.