Cute Chick Inspired Easter Craft for Kids

Posted on March 25th, 2017

Last week Farmer Nick came home with three new goats, who are settling in just fine with us. This week he left me a little box of pound shop chicks on my desk. He was in Plymouth with time to spare and randomly thought of my activity hour when he saw this little bargain box of 20 chicks in the pound shop within the Easter craft display.

Easter Chicks for crafts


I was thrilled; Easter is always such a fun time on the farm but with many regular guests returning I like to come up with different crafts each year.  The challenge was on to find a use for these dear little fluffy chicks. My immediate thought was little Easter baskets, some mini eggs and a chick inside. I took some coloured paper to test out my idea and I’m rather pleased with the result.


Easter Craft with chick in basket


I will add to this with some form of Easter nature trail to challenge the children as well as our famous Easter Sunday Egg Hunt. Now all we need for Easter is some baby chicks and sunshine. Nick is busy collecting eggs from our Rhode Island Red chickens that have just started to lay again, but sadly they won’t hatch in time for Easter. All is not lost though as we did have baby bunnies born earlier this week. Another couple of weeks and they will hopefully look more like rabbits than mice! However I do hope I’m not sharing too soon, rabbits make poor mothers and are inclined to give up on their brood for reasons known only to them. Fingers crossed for these little cuties.   



We do still have a few spaces over the holiday weeks if you fancy joining in with our Easter craft activities as well as meeting our Easter bunnies and new born lambs. 

Do you have a special Easter craft or activity planned?