Mother’s Day Flower Crafts for Children

Posted on March 31st, 2017

With Mother’s Day approaching we decided to embellish our spring craft theme from half term into some Mother’s Day Flower Crafts for the children to make. I had warned parents ahead of time on the feed run of our theme and it was lovely to see so many Dad’s bring their children along to keep the crafts as a surprise for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day flower crafts for children

It was cold and windy outside so we set up the craft table in the games room. Our first task was to make the vases for our tulip flowers. We stuck Duck Tape Colours round the top of a cut out juice bottle before heading outside to find sticks for the stems and stones to secure the stems in place.

Children making flower pots for Mother's Day crafts

The fairy garden is always a draw for the children and keeping them on task looking for sticks was quite a challenge at times, but lovely to allow them a little time to wander round in there too.

Searching for sticks to make flower crafts in the Fairy Garden


From the fairy garden we headed down to the river where I knew there would be an ample supply of stones to bed the stems into place


Hunting for stones by the river to fill craft flower potss


Back in the games room we cut, stuck and painted our toilet roll tulips onto the top of our stick stems.


Kids making toilet roll tulip flowers for Mother's Day


From here the children moved onto making mother’s day cards with crepe paper flowers and painted stems.


A simple homemade Mother's Day Card craft


The younger ones were drifting off to play while the older children took their time over their cards. When everyone had finished we set off on a nature hunt. I have a trusted sheet of spring flowers that are always easy to spot on the farm. We took a bucket along to collect a few fallen petals too for our last craft.


Kids hunting for petals to make gift bookmarks


With our bucket overflowing and the rain starting we headed back indoors to arrange petals along a strip of coloured paper. The children headed over to the dressing up box to play while we laminated the strips of petal paper to make Mother’s Day flower bookmarks.


Children on the farm making bookmarks for Mother's Day


The children enjoyed their crafts and the Dad’s were great at helping me. I hope the mother’s enjoyed a rest indoors awaiting their surprise presents! I wonder if any of the cards were saved till Sunday?



Have you tried homemade flower gifts for Mother’s Day?

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