Along Came Spring Sunshine

Posted on April 1st, 2017

I make no secret of the fact that spring is my favourite time of year on the farm. Finally it feels like we are having days that are warm, sunny and spring like. The farm animals and children staying are making the most of this and I have to say it puts everyone in good spirits. Even my own kids are coming home from school and running off with a football or into the woods inspired by the spring sunshine, warmth and longer days. It would be a lie to say we have had wall to wall sun, but I’m glossing over the showery days and sharing some positive uplifting photos this week from the farm.

Aboard the morning tractor and trailer the spring growth is now visible; I love the distinctive green of spring and watching the new buds unfold a little more each day.


Farm Tractor and Trailer ride in spring sunshine


We are into our lambing season and have had twins this week to one of our experienced Mums. The children were only too happy to help move them into the nursery with our older lamb. Here they have already become friends and can be seen literally skipping around the field in the afternoon sun. 


carrying one of twin lambs to a new field


Guessing who will be next to lamb is always fun. We have an expert shepherdess with us this week rounding them all for a morning count up.


Young Shepherdess rounding up the sheep


The deer are the shyest animals on the farm, apart from the confident Londoners; they hide up in the trees watching us from a distance when we come round to feed them. Farmer Nick brought his binoculars along one morning so everyone could enjoy a close up look at the more flighty members of the herd.


Watching Deer through binoculars on the farm

I can’t resist rounding off my spring update from the farm with another look at the bunnies a week on.  I may even do a whole feature on them next week!



I hope spring sunshine is rocking your world this week too.