How to Make an Easter Bunny

Posted on April 2nd, 2017

The rabbits on the farm here are one of the most popular animals with the children. Feeding them, cuddling them and looking after them is something that can while away an hours on holiday. Children are endlessly drawn to their soft fur and cute looks, though catching them can be quite a challenge. Watch out in spring and you may spot the Easter Bunny.

Bunny Cuddles

With Easter looming I thought sharing one of my most popular bunny rabbit crafts was in order for April’s #Trash2Treasure. What I love about this bunny rabbit tutorial is that it requires no glue, no stick on extras and no artistic talent;  you can have a whole herd of rabbits in minutes with a few empty toilet rolls; something we have plenty of with a large family and a holiday business!  

How to Make Toilet Roll Easter Bunnies

What you’ll need

  • Toilet roll

  • Scissors

  • Paints

  • Paintbrush

  • Black pen
What You'll Need Toilet Roll Rabbits



Cut out the Bunny Ears
  1. First cut the ears out of the body of the toilet roll being careful not to cut right through the top
  1. Bend the ears up and fold the edges over
Fold out the bunny ears
Cut and fold the Bunny's legs
  1. Cut feet and the front and back
  1. Cut a V in the back of the toilet roll and pull forward for the tail.
Cut out the tail
Painting the bunny rabbit
  1. Paint your bunny rabbit
  1. Use a black pen or paint to mark out your rabbits face.
Draw your bunnies features
Paint the Tail
  1. Paint the Tail
  1. Enjoy your Easter Bunny
Finished Bunny


Easter Bunny Craft Suitability:

Preschool and primary school age children will love this craft. Younger children will need some help with the scissors but older children who have mastered basic scissor control should cope with every stage.

A Few Alternatives you could try

  • Add a branch to sit on and a chick for company out of more toilet rolls.

  • Thread string through the top to create bunting.

  • Hide a crème egg inside and place around the garden as an Easter Egg Hunt.

  • Make an Easter Basket for your bunny.

  • Add your bunny rabbit to an Easter Bonnet.

  • Thread them onto Fairy Lights to create an fun Easter Decoration.

A Few Extras to try with the Easter Bunny

Vlog tutorial on how to make an Easter Bunny



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