Bunny Crafts and Activities

Posted on April 7th, 2017

With Easter fast approaching and a growing baby bunny community thriving in our rabbit house I decided on bunny crafts  as our theme for the week. It didn’t take long to come up with a plan of things to do and make. Trash2Treasure April (my upcycling linky) is all about how to make an Easter Bunny so this was my starting point. From there I added bunny hats and a bunny trail which finished up at the rabbit house for a first stroke of our newborns.


Easter Bunny Crafts and Activities


The weather forecast really couldn’t make up its mind and I knew we were in for some serious rain at some point, I was just hoping it held off till later in the evening. As it was windy too, we set up the craft table in the games room. Nearly everyone staying came along which was wonderful and we wasted no time in starting our bunny crafts with bunny hats from paper plates.


Bunny crafts making bunny hats


From here we moved to toilet roll bunnies. The beauty of these is that there is no gluing or sticking involved, just clever cutting and painting. I cut the rabbits from the loo rolls myself for the younger children to decorate while the older ones (age 6+ )  managed the whole process themselves.


Making Easter bunnies from toilet rolls  


With a mixed age group it is always hard to hold everyone’s attention, the little ones naturally took themselves off to play with the toys while the older children diligently painted faces on their rabbits. When everyone was finished, I read the first clue for the bunny treasure hunt .  The children guessed where I was leading them and ran off to find the next clue.


Reading first treasure hunt clue for a bunny trail


From here it was a succession of reading, running, searching and playing as one clue lead to another taking the children the full length of the farm.


Bunny treasure hunt


The older children were very good at waiting for the little ones to catch up, even hiding the clues again for the little ones to find. Some of the older ones even had the confidence to read the next clue out to the group for me.




The rain began as we found our last clue which led us to the rabbit house. No one noticed the rain start to pitter-patter on the roof as I unlocked the nesting box and carefully scooped out a baby rabbit for everyone to see. The little one I held was just beginning to open her eyes and wriggled and peed at the new experience of being lifted. I held on tight while everyone had a stroke. I knew this was the part of the day the older girls had really been looking forward to.


Handling new baby bunnies born on the farm

As the younger ones ran outside to play in the rain parents looked on dismayed, it was pouring down and the children were soaked! Thankfully rain never hurt anyone and the worst of it fell whilst we were cuddling bunnies.   


kids at the bunny yard in the rain



Have you made any bunny crafts in the run up to Easter?

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