From Moor to Shore and back to the Farm

Posted on April 8th, 2017

So spring has finally arrived and the long sunny days have been most welcome this week. It has been the first week of the Easter holidays for my own children. They have teamed up with some of the older children on holiday here playing out till late. Farm duties and preparing our new lodge have been taking up much of the day for Nick and I, but we have been taking advantage of the lovely long spring evenings this week and enjoying a stroll up to the top of our village, where you can see from moor to shore just by turning your head. It just happens this is also the route to the village pub! 

Moor to Shore: Looking out to Sea

Taking a breather and stopping to admire the view is a must. Following the sun out to the west you can see its reflection casting a golden glow over the sea around Port Quinn.


Looking out to sea from Bodmin Moor St Breward

Moor to Shore: Inland to Bodmin Moor

Turning 180 degrees and looking inland the wonder of Bodmin Moor stretches out ahead. Rough Tor is one of the Forestry commission sites and well worth a visit for a family day out from here. We have enjoyed many a happy time crawling in and out of the naturally occurring granite outcrops and enjoying the spectacular views back down to the coast.


From St Breward to the Moor

Back on the farm

Kids Play

Back down in our sheltered valley, the temperature has risen in the day and out of the wind it has been feeling beautifully warm and summery. While Farmer Nick and I struggle to keep on top of lawn mowing and gardening with the spring growth, the children have taken to cooling off by playing in the river.   

Bunny Update

If you’ve been following my Sunday posts over the past few weeks, you’ll have seen our adorable baby bunnies growing week by week. They now have their eyes open and are ready to be held.


Bunny update 3 weeks old

I hope your week has been one of sunshine and fun