Easter Chick Crafts and Activities

Posted on April 14th, 2017

After the success of our Easter Bunny activities last week, I was keen to keep the Easter theme going with this week’s guests. We moved from Bunnies to Easter Chicks and a new treat for our chickens. My biggest worry was that faced with the warmest day of the year, would anyone make it back from the beach in time to join in. I needn’t have worried, I had a couple of families who came back especially to join in and I was glad I put in the preparation time.


Easter chick crafts and activities

Easter Chick Cards

Relying on the warm sunshine to dry out paint work we began by making the thumb prints of our Easter Chick cards.  The children drew inspiration from my example card and happily finger printed chick bodies on their own cards.


Making Easter cards this afternoon in activity hour

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Easter gardens with chicken and chicks

Setting our cards aside to try we moved onto cutting and painting toilet roll Easter chicks.


Making Easter Chicks in the sun at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Again these were set on one side to dry while we made Easter gardens for our chicks from cereal boxes before running off to collect grass and flowers out of the lawns as a bed for the miniature gardens.



We added 2 chicks and a handful of chocolate eggs to complete our Easter chick gardens.  


Homemade craft chicken and chicks with chocolate eggs in gardens

Nature walk with a purpose

The children had worked really hard on their crafts and I was keen for them to come on a farm walk. I had just the challenge in mind for them in line with our chick Easter theme. Farmer Nick had a long chain in the chicken coop which was waiting for a toy to be hooked on the end. After failing to find anything suitable for weeks, he finally came home with a miniature clothes dryer with pegs hanging down. I pounced on this with a genius idea. We could take it for our walk collecting nature along the way to hang from the pegs as toys for the chickens.   We set off through the fairy gardens and down the path to the farm pegging leaves, twigs and flowers along the way.



The children shared the very important job of carrying the finished toy



It’s fair to say the chickens seemed rather underwhelmed with our offering running away from us. 


Chicken watching the chickens in the chicken coup

I had a feeling they ventured over to investigate as soon as we had left them in peace, it turns out I was right, when I looked in later they had torn down most of the nature items and were still playing with what remained.

Refilling their toy carousel has now become part of the morning tractor feed run. 

Back at the craft tables our finger print chickens were dry and really to have eyes, beaks, feet and wings added.



It was so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun and no one was in a rush to leave, least of all me. I do hope this is the start of a beautiful summer in Cornwall.   



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