Easter Holiday Sunshine on the Farm

Posted on April 15th, 2017

I can’t believe how lucky we have been this spring with the weather. To have two great weeks of sunshine in our peak Easter holiday weeks makes our farm holidays worth every penny. Seeing the children out with the animals, learning, playing and enjoying the farm together is wonderful.   

Add to the lovely weather several born lambs this week, baby bunnies now running around and friendships forming  between the children and our guests really are seeing the best of a farm holiday; so much so a few have already booked for Easter 2018



the joy of finding a newborn lamb in the field

Well done Ebony

Our second lamb was born to Ebony; she was our hand raised lamb of 3 years ago. Last year she became a mother for the first time, but promptly ditched her new born twins, Jack and Jill, in favour of breakfast and never returned to them. We hand-raised the twins ourselves and Nick was all for sending Ebony to the cooking pot this year! However I persuaded him to give her one more chance and she was put in with the ram last autumn. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see her and her new born lamb cuddled up together on my morning farm checks earlier in the week. Still the only ewe in the field who will trot over for a cuddle and a handful of grass, she was easy to capture and tag and is now safely with her little baby girl in the nursery. The older lambs in there have now been let back out into the field as they are past the danger weeks from predators.   

Ebony the ewe and new born lamb

In hope of Kids

All our goats have been running together over the winter and spring in hope of kid goats. However some of the goats are too boisterous for the children and we had been feeding them through the fence. This week we separated out the rougher ones allowing the children back into the field to feed and cuddle them.  This has always been a favourite stopping point on the morning feed run and many of the returning Easter holiday children were delighted to be in with their favourites enjoying the sunshine together.


Kids love to feed Queenie the goat on the farm


Even the older children can’t resist the goats, and they are the only ones strong enough to lift them for the little ones to stroke! 


Teenager carrying Sprout the goat

Have you seen any newborn farm animals enjoying the Easter Holiday sunshine?

Country Kids