Friday is our little Hero  

Posted on April 22nd, 2017

What a busy week we’ve had on the farm. A 3rd week of school holiday fun, a third week of Easter crafts and overflowing feed run tractor rides and very successful Easter day Egg hunt. However, the highlight of the week, if you were to ask the children, would be playing  with our little hero Friday the lamb.

Born on Good Friday, his name was an obvious choice. I kept him quiet last week as I wrote my weekly roundup of news as I honestly didn’t think he would survive. His mum had given him up for dead in the field, caring only for his twin sister. I am a compete softie and if there is a chance, no matter how slim, I will fight to save an animal. I took him in and wrapped him up by the boiler, with the help of my eldest son to hang onto Mum I managed to expressed the first few all important ounces of milk and forced the little lifeless bundle to drink it. Mother’s milk really is a miracle, within 3 hours he was lifting his head and by the end of the day had joined me in the games room for our Friday activity hour. If Easter Egg crafts weren’t  his thing, having an audience help him stand for another feed certainly was.

So Friday spent the next 2 days in the house with me and the kids  before  taking over as everyone’s favourite farm animal this week.

A typical day in the life of our little hero Friday

Join the morning tractor ride

Looking after the lamb on the feed run

Chill out with his friends the rabbits and the children who stay and mother them all.

Our little hero Friday the lamb being bottle fed in the rabbits


Bleat when he needs a bottle and hop on a train the evening train ride before perfecting his GTA play station skills with my teens in the evening. OK so this isn’t the best photo ever, but it makes me smile.

play station playing by out little hero Friday the lamb

He has a lovely straw bed in our greenhouse overnight surrounded by mint and rosemary; no mint sauce jokes please. After a good nights sleep on a full tummy he is ready to play again in the morning.

Firday our little hero lamb being carried from the farm

It’s not such a bad life being Friday the lamb!

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