Easter Farm Egg Hunt for Easter Sunday

Posted on April 28th, 2017

Easter day is a very special time to be with us here on the farm. We were completely full for Easter week and it was 90% regular Coombe Mill guests who know what to expect from an Easter Farm Egg Hunt. It is becoming a little like Halloween and Christmas where those in the know eagerly await the now familiar set of activities. However to keep it fresh, and keep the older ones on their toes, I always add a few new twists.


Easter Day Farm Egg Hunt 2017

Easter Farm Tractor Ride

The fun begins with an overflowing Easter farm tractor and trailer ride to feed the animals. We do our best to be full of new born animals for Easter. This year we have lambs and bunnies at the super cute stage and it was an excited group of children eager to meet them all.


Enjoying the Easter morning feed run #coombemill #cornwall #countryliving #countryside #tractorandtrailer

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After feeding the noisy pigs we wandered round to see if the chickens had laid us any eggs for breakfast. I couched in the coup to capture the children’s faces coming in and couldn’t resist this capture as a Chicken laid an egg surrounded by Oreo cream eggs!


Chicken with chocolate oreo egg


Many of the children were already whispering very loudly about hoping for chocolate eggs, having been before; however the excitement as they entered was as delightful as ever. My helper Guy was having quite a job restricting everyone to one egg each to ensure everyone had a treat to take away.




Of course a few were eaten there and then!

Finding and eating chocolate oreo eggs in the chicken coup

Easter Farm Egg Hunt Preparations

I crept off as the Tractor and trailer continued on towards the other animals to set up the Easter Farm Egg Hunt. As a change this year I had clues for the children to find along with hidden eggs at every stop. I had successfully created a bunny Easter trail for activity hour a few weeks earlier and this was perfect to reuse for my Easter Egg Hunt, I even had an old bunny onesie I borrowed from one of my kids to lead the hunt.

Setting up the Farm Easter Egg Hunt 2017


With everything in place I rejoined the end of the feed run at the bunny rabbits.


Kids cuddling the rabbits


Farmer Nick announced the end of the farm ride and gave everyone  a 10 minute ‘heads up’ to return for my the Easter Farm Egg Hunt.

An  Egg Hunt in Two Halves

I have learned from previous years to split the group into under 5’s and over 5’s to allow the younger children a chance to find some eggs too. The older children knew they would have to patiently wait while the little ones hunted in ride on play area. For many this was their first ever Egg hunt and their little faces were a picture of delight and confusion at finding chocolate eggs all around them.  


Under 5's Easter Farm Egg Hunt


Finally it was the moment the majority had been waiting for. I explained they had Easter bunny clues to follow this year and that no one was to push ahead. I sometimes wonder whether just to do clues and let the children go round at their own pace and collect an egg at the end as the National Trust do, but the thrill of actually looking for the eggs themselves is what the children say they really enjoy.  So this was my compromise version. There were a few eggs at each stop with most hidden at the last clue.  Many were ready and waiting with Easter baskets as I read out the first clue!


First clue of the Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Day


From here the children dashed from one clue to another but waiting for everyone at each stop before continuing


Easter Farm Egg Hunt 2017 underway


We covered from one end of the farm to the other climbing over and under and through play areas, the excitement and squeals of joy a delight to hear. The children took it in turns to read the clues out to the group before dashing on again.


Easter Farm Egg Hunt 2017 contiunues


Finally at the den building area my volunteer reader announced the final clue for the pirate boat.  The race was on; thankfully I had hidden enough eggs for everyone to have a handful.



Farm Easter Egg Hunt on the Coombe Mill pirate boat


Time to take stock of their haul and enjoy a little chocolate snack!


Happy faces at the end of the 2017 Coombe Mill Farm Easter Egg Hunt


I may have ruined a few appetites for lunch, but it will be an Easter morning they will remember fondly.


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