Bluebell woods with a teenager and pet lamb

Posted on April 29th, 2017

Coombe Mill is set in a stunning 30 acre wooded valley in North Cornwall. The footpath crossing Coombe Mill runs through our deer field and on through ancient woodland up to the village of St Breward. The woods come alive in April filled with spring growth and the most amazing carpet of bluebells. The photographer in me couldn’t resist picking up on a sunny afternoon after school for a wonder across our farm and into bluebell woods with Friday the lamb and my now teenager Jed.

It was one of those spur of the moment decisions on an unexpectedly warm afternoon, despite the forecast of arctic conditions. Friday our new hand raised lamb was in need of his afternoon bottle and as Jed has assumed responsibility for Friday, giving him most of his feeds and cuddling him in the house at night, he was the obvious choice to accompany me. It was warm, but not that warm so I advised Jed to grab a hoodie. Only when we crossed into Bluebell woods, with Friday hot on our heels, did I realise just how colour coordinated Jed was going to be in amidst the bluebells! We wondered along the wooded paths with Friday skipping along, raced each other to tree stumps and had a lovely time catching up on Jed’s day at school. Eventually Friday ran out of energy and wanted his bottle; this was my chance to grab a few photos. I’ll let my three favourite pictures from our afternoon tell the rest.


Cuddles in the bluebells

 Jed and Friday enjoying a cuddle in Bluebell woods

Play time

Friday the lamb playing in Bluebell Woods

Enjoying a well earned drink

Jed and Friday the lamb in Bluebell Woods


The bluebells will be out for a few weeks to come if you fancy coming to visit and Friday the lamb will be more than happy to let you feed him his bottle.  


Do you have any bluebell woods near you?

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