Ducklings on the lake

Posted on May 6th, 2017

Spring is full of colour and joy all over the farm. I pinch myself each day to remind myself how lucky I am as I make my early morning checks ahead of the feed run with our guests, accompanied of course by Friday our pet lamb. There is always something new to spot: a perennial shrub bursting into bloom, a new born animal on the farm, wildlife running hither and dither all combining to create spring joy in sight, sound and smell all around me.  My highlight this week was discovering ducklings in our top lake.  They had been hidden on my early checks but swam across right in front of the tractor and trailer to the delight of all our guests. They couldn’t have been more than a day old when we saw them. Turning off the engine we all stopped to admire the ducklings taking swimming and survival lessons with their proud mother weaving in and out of the reeds and across the lake to the central island.


This little video clip on my phone makes me smile every time I play it back.

I counted eight but looking back at the photo and video I can see there were in fact nine little ducklings. Sadly, with so many predators in our lush valley, all with a taste for duckling, I know they won’t all survive; such is the law of nature.


ducklings on the lake with mother duck


As I returned later in the day in hope if a second sighting, I was delighted to see the father taking his parental duties seriously. The climbed up on the little island watching over the lake. I’m sure Mummy and the ducklings were hiding between the rocks below.


Drake watching over the lake from our island


This little fellow caught my eye perched on the highest branch on the island; he looked pretty absorbed in his own business on our lake. Any ideas what he is?


bird on the lake

Have you spotted any ducklings this spring?

As well as ducklings the lake is full of tadpoles, pond skaters, fish and more. It was the inspiration for my activity hour with the children this week, more on this in a future Country Kids post.