Wild Child Island Adventure

Posted on June 10th, 2017

A week into the summer term and already the Whitsun half term holiday feels like a distant memory. However as I reflected back on the farm fun that was enjoyed I really wanted to share this wild child island adventure.

Wild Child Island Adventure

Wild child island adventure

You could be mistaken for thinking you were looking at a page from the famous Lord of the Flies book. The burning cross, the camp fire and spear making in progress does all smack of teenage boys learning to survive on a deserted island together. These boys were indeed all teenagers, one of them my own, but they are far from deserted. The little island is just a rocky outcrop in the river Camel as it meanders its way through Coombe Mill. It was where Felix sat and wrote his inspired GCSE English descriptive writing piece and where I take so many photos of our beautiful river to share here across the seasons. However last week it was home to a group of boys, their imagination and many happy days spent at one with nature. Best of all they were away from technology as there is no wifi or mobile signal over there.  This is forest school learning for big kids.   

Fire Pit on the Island

Fire pit on the Coombe Mill island

I didn’t pry into the purpose of the burning cross, I’m not sure I really wanted to hear the answer, but I did admire the campfire pit and homemade spears lashed up to a tree. They hoped spear fish as they swam upstream to cook on their fire. The theory was sound, I’m pleased to say no fish were ever in danger, but they certainly had some fun trying to catch one and ending up rather wet in the process!

A dam to trap fish and ward off adults

Wild child island adventure


Looking back at the island by day you see the dam they built to improve the island defenses against adults and improve their chances of trapping a fish.


I was more than happy to see them while away their time like this, as were the parents of the other boys. For my own, this wild child island adventure is one of the joys of farm life, for the other boys it is part of the magic of Coombe Mill that keeps them returning year on year.  We are the growing up holiday you never grow out of.

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