Special moments from the farm

Posted on June 17th, 2017

Life on the farm changes each week with each new set of guests. We may do similar things each day with our morning tractor rides and evening train rides, but it is the children and families staying that change the dynamic. There is always a buzz of excitement on a Sunday as everyone joins in the activities on offer here for the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing the excitement of driving the tractor for the first time, feeding the animals, holding them and enjoying all that we have to offer. Sometimes it isn’t even the tractor or the animals that captures the children’s imagination; it can be something as simple as nature itself interpreted through the eyes of a child. I try to be ready with my camera to capture those special moments to share here, though I need eyes in the back of my head as I never know where or when those magic moments will occur.  What I do know is that there are special moments in every family holiday here and being here to witness them all is a privilege. Watching children discover the farm from the structured activities to the self created ones makes mine the best job in the world and provides so much of my inspiration on how to develop what we offer.


Driving the tractor is a highlight for children

Our tractor and trailer rides go out each day, it may be the same for farmer Nick, but for the children each day is new and exciting. 

Daily farm tractor ride for the children at Coombe Mill Holidays

Special moments from self made activities

These two boys started quite a trend of jumping from the split trunk of this old tree. In no time there was a queue forming to give it a go.

Natural childhood play in the trees at Coombe Mill Holidays

Station mistress says go

Flag waving is a top job at the Coombe Mill Railway

Flag Waving to set off the Coombe Mill Train Ride

Stop that train

Watch out someone has pulled the signal to stop the train.

Stopping the Coombe Mill train by the signal


If you fancy making some special moments of your own here at the farm we still have availability this summer.

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