Subtle help for sensitive children

Posted on June 19th, 2017

Being sensitive, anxious or self aware is a common feeling for everyone. I bet even the most confident person can think of a time or a situation that has left them feeling a little awkward or uncomfortable. For some children these times are more common and familiar than for others. A little subtle help for sensitive children to boost their confidence and help them feel more comfortable ad less overwhelmed in social situations can come in many forms.  Parental support, good friends, preschool leaders, toys and so forth. I often see a child at here on holiday that is less confident than the others, hanging back on the feed run with their parents and watching in awe of the outgoing kids.  With encouragement and time over the week on holiday, the sensitive and cautious children usually come to join in and be a part of the group, watching these transformations melts my heart.

Natural childhood play in the trees at Coombe Mill Holidays

Long Hat is a Hero

When Scrivo Media asked me if I’d like to review the new children’s book Long Hat is a Hero aimed at helping sensitive children I could instantly see the nature connection with the farm and relate to the story and the issues it tackles.

Long Hat is a gnome who feels sad. He is overwhelmed by his peers in his beautiful woodland home and struggles to understand how he is feeling. His owl friend comes to the rescue and turns Long Hat’s sensitivity to an advantage with a clever plan.

Pages from Long Hat is a Hero for Sensitive Children

What I like about the book

The story itself is delightful. It is uplifting, positive and easy to relate to tackling childhood sensitivity though relatable woodland characters. It is a subtle approach that is very clever and I believe will appeal to children.

What I feel could be improved

I think the book would benefit from being 50% bigger in size with larger writing. Currently the writing is very small to read. The illustrations are good and the ratio of writing to illustrations feels right, it could just do with being scaled up. That said the story message is compelling and as the book isn’t too long it will still hold a child’s attention.

Need to know

Win a copy of Long Hat is a Hero for a sensitive children

Win Long Hat is a Hero for sensitive children

If you know a child prone to sensitivity, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed in social situations, this book could be a valuable and discrete way to help them. To enter to win a copy of the book, follow the instructions below.

Long Hat is a Hero


I was sent my copy of Long Hat is a Hero for the purpose of this review. Our Coombe Mill copy can be found in the reading snug of Polzeath lodge, a lovely quiet spot to take in the story. All thoughts and opinions on the book are my own.