The Rumps and Beyond from Polzeath in Cornwall

Posted on June 24th, 2017

As the saying goes the best camera is the one you have with you. Much as I love my DSLR I don’t always take it out with me, especially if I’m not expecting to be on a notable adventure. However I always have my phone and last weekend I was glad of it. After dropping Theo at Polzeath beach with friends, Clio joined me for a hike over The Rumps as her friend didn’t show up. I’m sure she was disappointed to be stuck with me but I was delighted to have some one on one time with her. In a busy family of six teenagers one on one time is rare, partly because the kids don’t necessarily choose my company anymore, and partly because time is always at a premium with the holiday business and the needs of a large family.  

In the end it turned into a beautiful clear blue afternoon and a lovely girly catch up for us both. It makes me realise that time with just one child is every bit as important now they are growing teens as it was when they were young, they just don’t like to admit to that these days. The camera on my phone came into its own capturing some precious moments together.

The Rumps from Polzeath round towards Port Isaac form a stunning stretch of coastline, even though I have run or walked this stretch many times I have to stop and admire the raw beauty with every visit.


Panning across The Rumps to show off a stunning stretch of Cornish coastline

The rumps along the Cornish coastpath from Polzeath to Port Isaac


Looking out to sea waiting for me to catch up!


Clio looking out to The Rumps from the Cornish coast path


Running half into my photo for the most unusual capture!


Running into the Rumps


A last look back at the seascape that makes up the Rumps before heading home


Sitting on the cliffs looking back towards the Rumps

If you ever visit the beautiful beach of Polzeath, do make time to walk the coast path too, the views out to sea and back across the bay to Polzeath and Padstow are worth the trek.  

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